tuesday is a great day for a giveaway…

tuesday is a great day for a giveaway…

It’s Tuesday and I spent the day with a group of very dedicated PTA
parents unloading and filling orders for the big annual plant sale.

I wish I could say that I am one of the dedicated set…I just like to
hang out with them and try to catch some of that energy that I had
years ago…not sure if that will ever be a reality but I can always hope.

So…I am running on a low fuel tank right now and am still drying out
from a huge downpour but the good thing is that it happened after ALL
of the plants were in their places.


I am tired but I am thankful.

I have been thinking a lot about my blogging friend Joanne.

If you will remember she suffered a massive stroke in January.  It is a miracle
that she survived.  She is now in her final weeks of rehab and the last update
I read said that she was now using a single point cane and she is climbing up
and stairs.  Amazing!

She is working so hard to regain her mobility and independence.  So I can
deal with the fact that my muscles are sore from heaving around a few tomato

Joanne wrote a book in 2009 called Misplacing God (and finding Him again.)

Misplacing God: And Finding Him Again

Click  here for more information on this book.

It’s a great book about how easy it is to intend to spend time with God and it doesn’t happen.

If you want more of God or some great ideas on how to cultivate your time with God,

this is the book for you.

I realized that I actually have two copies.

I would love to give one away!

Leave me a comment saying hello and especially if you check in here from time to time
and have never introduced yourself.

I will pick a winner on Thursday at noon PST.

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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