God must bring us to a point–I cannot tell you how it will be,
but he will do it–where, through a deep and dark experience,
our natural power is touched and fundamentally weakened,
so that we no longer dare trust ourselves.

He has had to deal with some of us very strangely, and
take us through difficult and painful ways, in order to get us there…
But then at last it is that he can begin to use us…

We would like to have death and resurrection put together within
one-hour of each other.  We cannot face the thought that God will keep us
aside for so long a time; we cannot bear to wait.  And of course I cannot
tell you how long he will take, but in principle I think it is quite safe
to say this, that there will be a definite period when he will keep you there…

All is in darkness, but it is only for a night.  It must indeed be
a full night, but that is all.  Afterwards you will find that everything is
given back to you in glorious resurrection; and nothing can  measure
the difference between what was before and what now is!

~~~Watchman Nee

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