Max on Life…

Max on Life…

I was asked by Thomas Nelson to participate in a  blog tour for Max Lucado’s

book entitled  Max on Life:  Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions.

We all have questions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pour a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and asking Max Lucado

a few questions?

That is what Max on Life  is all about.

Max Lucado as a very trusted pastor and author receives thousands of questions by letter,

email, face to face pleas and even questions  on napkins.

He also has had ample opportunity to wrestle with his own share of questions as he is also

a husband and father.

Max on Life is based on all those questions.

The 172  questions posed in the book are divided into 7 sections:

  • Hope
    God, Grace and “Why am I here?”
  • Hurt
    Conflicts, Calamities, and “Why me?”
  • Help
    Prayer, Scripture, and “Why church?”
  • Him/Her
    Sex, Romance, and “Any chance of a second chance?”
  • Home
    Diapers, Disagreements, and “Any hope for prodigals?”
  • Haves/Have-Nots
    Work, Money and “Where’s the lifeline?”
  • Hereafter
    Cemeteries, Heaven, Hell, and “Who goes where?” 
Each section begins with a note written in Max’s handwriting of a response  he has written
to someone in need of an answer or perspective.
Max writes about the purpose of pain, the role of prayer and the reason for our ultimate hope.
Max Lucado answers each question concisely and with plenty of scripture references.
He uses his characteristic approachable and encouraging writing style to make the reader feel that there is no
question that is foolish or not worth asking.
I found myself flipping from one section to the next finding questions that I had as well.
The book includes a topical and scriptural reference index.
There is also a final short section on writing and publishing which I really enjoyed reading.
No one has all the answers but sometimes we need to be directed in the right direction.
Max on Life is a nice arrow to carry in one’s arsenal.
I was asked by Thomas Nelson to participate in this blog tour and received
a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “Max on Life…

  1. I had the chance this morning to read two to three of the responses in this book Helen, and I found the advice helpful, useful, timely and practical. I can’t wait to read more of Max’s biblical perspective on some of life’s questions.


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