So…a little bit ago, I wrote about having a plan here.

Did you check out  this great site?

I have been using my revamped  plan for over 2 weeks now and it has given me a lift.

You see, I am kind of impatient.

The particular plan that I chose is definitely challenging  but it takes me all over
the Old and New Testaments and I am finding that it really has been a joy.

I have also found that because it is only one chapter in each of the different books
that I am reading each day it doesn’t seem to take all that long.

It just really doesn’t take that long…something to remember when I watch a movie
and I realize that I could have done my daily reading a few times over during that
time frame.

It doesn’t take that long…and I find myself being so anxious to get to the next day.

I urge you…be in the Word…grab a Psalm or a Proverb.

Read about David or hang out with a prophet.

No fewer than three times in the last two days, have I heard these words uttered by others:



If at first it feels like being asked to eat veggies when you want a candy bar…give it some time
and I assure you one day, it will be like eating from a bag of potato chips*…you just can’t stop and
you can’t believe you ate so much or in this case…the time flew by without a glance at your wrist.


At this point it may not seem clear how talking about Bible reading plans has anything to do with
the title of this post “unity”.

Let’s see if I can circle the wagons.

I spent some time in Romans today and I wanted to share a few verses that I really loved pondering.


For whatever was written in former days were written for our instruction,
so that by steadfastness and by the encouragement of the scriptures we might
have hope.

May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one
another, in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that together you may with one voice glorify
the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 15: 4-6

Why is it important to be in the Word?

Romans tells us that everything that was written in the former days was intended
to instruct us…that includes the Old Testament.

But wait there is more!

It was meant to give us hope because the Bible is a source of encouragement
and a  supreme example of  steadfastness.

To be described as steadfast is to be:

firm or firmly fixed in one place


not subject to change


firmly loyal




Is there anything or anyone in your life that can be defined by the words above?

At best, I assume that even our most treasured relationships are at best summed up as “most of the time.”

Sadly this side of heaven, we fail in many ways.

God fulfills the definition completely.

He is the definition.

We can go to the Word and be assured that it is a firm place to stand, to rest, to seek shelter and find
peace that a very changeable world can never provide.

God wants us to live in harmony (unity) with one another and with Jesus
so that with one voice (unity) we may glorify God.

Don’t you love that?

We will never glorify God more than when we are in unity.

So are you in?

Let’s be unified in our pursuit of God and become lovers of His Word.

Find a friend or two and keep each other encouraged as you wade through the Word.

We need each other…moving in the same direction for a common goal…sounds a lot like unity!



*an added benefit of Bible reading…it is much less caloric than Ruffles.

Just don’t try eating chips while reading…it creates unsightly oil stains on those

super thin pages.

Not that I know this…so I have heard.

Doing my best to keep you informed 😉

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