remembering spring break…

remembering spring break…

We are home from spending a few days at the Oregon Coast.

A family favorite.

This was not a planned trip.

In fact, it was just a week ago that I  found a sweet beach house with an equally sweet price that thinks big furry dogs are sweet as well.

We stand at the crossroads with our  toes curled under…graduation, college choices and the knowledge that our family of five is going to look a lot different very soon.

With great regularity, Carl and I find ourselves at a table for three.

We took this spring break as an opportunity to pull the brake on the sands of time.

We’ve had many wonderful spring breaks…at the beach, road trips to see family or even just staying home.

We talked a lot about those breaks and some summers as well.

Carl and I remember a particular spring break where we headed to the unseasonal mountains to GET AWAY.

We were all licking our wounds.

We were defeated.

We were tired.

We were adrift without a solution in sight.

We hadn’t laughed in a long time.

Until we watched Spy Hard.

Oh how we laughed and hope leaked out of our discouraged souls.

This time is different for sure but in some ways it has been a hard season.

2010 found us often in hotel rooms.

There were many hospitals, phone calls, goodbyes and services.

I remember Caleb asking if we were ever going to stay in a hotel just for vacation.

I wondered as well.

Which brings me back to the coast and the ease found in the destination.

That probably was  part of the allure…we know what to expect…we relish the familiarity…the neverending tides.

Reminding us of our faithful and constant God.

In fact, we are so accustomed to what to expect that I didn’t even pray for nice weather because it was beside the point.

It was a surprise to wake up our first morning to sunshine that lasted the whole day.

For whatever reason this week has found me  nostalgic.

Remembering a drive from Astoria to Cannon Beach with Carl some 25+ years ago, telling him those all important

life changing three words.

The brakes on his truck screeched as he leapt out his door and picked  a roadside bouquet of wildflowers.

So grateful to know all these years later, that I love him more than even the beauty of Haystack  Rock.

We did all the familiar and loved things at the beach.

There is just that easy rhythm that breathes rest.

One new thing, an afternoon where  I found myself alone except for the snoring of that furry big dog.

I decided to read.

But then I sensed the glory of being all alone…

I spent some time in prayer…praising Him for simply being fully God, I spent time laying down all the many

life changes that are happening under His watch, and then at the end I uttered a needful prayer that has been on

my heart for sometime…something that became really clear to me recently. I whispered it and I wondered if it was

just slightly ridiculous.

I opened my book again and read a few more pages and the sound of footsteps on the porch told me that the full house had

returned and I was glad.

There is nothing like a nap at the beach.

The heaviness of tiredness and the contented feeling upon waking.

Loved ones just beyond my closed-door erupting in laughter at a movie…it’s a beautiful sound.

I reached for my book.  A book I was so glad that I had packed.  A book I had been so eager to read but for whatever

reason had not found a wear worn groove.

I read a few more pages and there before my eyes was the same needful prayer that I had uttered only a couple of hours before.

I was stunned by the tenderness of God.

I simply felt remembered.

There is nothing ridiculous to the lover of our soul.

Well, that night we had a LATE dinner at a pizza place for the very important reason that they had a big screen television that carried ESPN2.

Washington State was playing a big basketball game and well, we are Cougars through and through.

A family came and sat at the table in front of us.

We saw the WSU baseball hat.

We didn’t give it a second thought.

After halftime, I left the table for a bit and Carlen came to retrieve me, explaining that the man at the table knew me and that we had gone to

school together.

I had not really seen his face as both families had been eating with eyes glued to the screen above.


I walked up until I was face to face with this man as he was seated.

He said, he knew me but he wasn’t sure if I would remember him.

I could see that he was so unsure of my recollection.

I, on the other hand, had a name in mind but I was worried that I might be wrong.

But I blurted his name out and he nodded enthusiastically.

We all chatted and got caught up on the many years since we had last seen one another.

I was surprised at his memory.

He was amazed at mine as well.

We cheered for the Cougars.

We groaned as the game went to overtime.

We cheered again when we won.

We exchanged information and we promised that we would both definitely attend the 30th reunion (cough choke) which

is a lot closer than either one of us believe.

Back at the beach house, my mind kept returning to the look on his face when I first approached.

He was worried that I wouldn’t know him…wouldn’t remember him at all.

It is important to be remembered.

It just simply is! (poor grammar and all)

When we gather in sanctuaries to commune, Jesus tells us to do this in remembrance of Him.

It’s important to remember.

It’s important to remember the One that goes before us each and everyday.

I found it fabulous that I found a house at the beach during spring break that didn’t break the bank.

God was not surprised.

I couldn’t believe it was sunny.

God said why not?

I prayed a prayer.

God knew it before it even left my lips.

We needed a specific channel.

God provided a channel of connection.

We needed a break.

God gave us abundantly more.

We will remember.

Here’s a few clicks from the digital of our break…

Simply fierce beauty.

My Converse digging the sand.

A boy and his dog.

Only a northwest boy would act like he was in Miami! 🙂

Survivor Oregon Coast…I had no idea.

Carlen and Courtney were with on this trip despite the fact that they look like they are embarking on the frozen tundra.


May God give you moments of reflection and remembrance today and every day after that!

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