what writing looks like…

what writing looks like…

Thanks for all the prayers…they have been deeply felt!

As my mug continue to remind me…life is a journey and writing is one as well.




I continue to be humbled and amazed at the ways that God brings encouragement by way of timely words spoken in my ears,

via email or Facebook that keep me on the right path. Little reminders of Who He is despite who I am.

The power of knowing people are praying for me and those that prayed over and with me this week.

I have a mind map taped to our dining room window that has been there for 3 days…it’s a technique

that I learned as “bubbling”.  I will post it perhaps after I share on Saturday.

Courtney said that she likes it there and that I should leave it up.

The key concept is to draw a center point or focus ( a big bubble)  and take all those stray, random and good

thoughts that you have and put them in little bubbles that extend out from the center big bubble.

It helps me keep focus because if I lose my way, I can always return to the center.

Remember Helen, what’s the main point?


How like our walk with the Lord.

We must keep him at the Center.

Because in Him we live and move and have our being.

He is the Source of everything and everything radiates out from Him

and points to Him.


It’s raining so hard here in Portland that the puddles are making bubbles from the force of the raindrops.

May you make this day all about Jesus and may everything be directed to and from Him.


Once again thank you for helping me see some light at the end of this writing tunnel.

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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