ash wednesday plus update

ash wednesday plus update

Alright…I am back already.

It’s Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent.

Do you observe Lent?

I will have to say that I have been a bit hit and miss.

It seems like it tends to catch me by surprise.

I have always associated it with giving up something.

Today was late opening for school and when I went down the hall towards Caleb’s

classroom, I saw his principal coming towards me and he is quite the Energizer Bunny

type, so you just can’t miss him,  but I happened to glance up at his face in full smile and saw the telltale

smudge of ash.

I must say it caught me by surprise because of our public school surroundings.

But it made me smile as well.

Whatever you think of regarding the observation of Lent, it seems like the main purpose

is to draw closer to the Lord.

A time to focus on the journey of Christ to the Cross, the price He paid and the victory He won for all of us.

The Lenten season seems to be a time where we can be more intentional in setting aside more of our time

to just sit and be with our Savior.

Perhaps it will mean giving something up but that is between you and the Lord.

We will be using our Advent Wreath that expands to become an Easter Wreath marking these 40 days.

I will be taking time to read the Lent reflections from this Bible

Holy Bible: Mosaic NLT (Meditations)

and reading from this book.

Bread And Wine: Readings For Lent And Easter

I ordered Bread and Wine too late last year and really didn’t get into a good rhythm so I am looking forward to doing so this year.

As it so happened, I ordered two and I would love to give one away.

Since times a wasting, this will be a really quick time period

to allow me to get it in the mail Thursday with the hope of delivery by Saturday.

Leave me a comment…it’s as simple as that!

If you are so inclined but completely optional, tell me if you observe the Lenten season.

There are no wrong answers…tee hee.

I will pick a winner at 11pm PST today!  So don’t tarry!

May you take time this season to reflect deeply and fully on our Savior.

A thought from the introduction of Bread and Wine:

First popularized in the fourth century, Lent is traditionally associated with penitence,
fasting, alms-giving, and prayer.  It is a time for “giving things up” balanced by “giving
to” those in need.  Yet whatever else it may be, Lent should never be morose–an annual ordeal
during which we begrudgingly forgo a handful of pleasures.  Instead, we ought to approach
Lent as an opportunity, not a requirement.  After all, it is meant to be the church’s
springtime, a time when, out of the darkness of sin’s winter, a repentant, empowered people
emerges.  No wonder one liturgy refers to it as a “joyful season.”

For those of you that have asked.  I purchased this Advent/Easter Wreath from Ann Voskamp.  Actually
her sweet son Caleb (quite fond of that name) made it.  He took a lot of orders last summer to fill Christmas
orders and I know he was making more for the Easter season as well.

You will recall that Ann Voskamp is the wonderful blog writer at A Holy Experience…truly a beautiful blog
and she is the author of the new book A Thousand Gifts.


This is  the link to find more information and to place an order:


Read her blog here.  She has a wonderful post on Lent  and some other resources!



12 thoughts on “ash wednesday plus update

  1. Helen
    Once again we are long distance twins…I had just done my Lent readings in the Holy Mosaic Bible when I received the email with your blog post.

    Along with that I am also studying and leading 30 women (2 groups) through Preparing My Heart for Easter by Ann Marie Stewart for the first time this year.

    Where did you get that amazing 40 spot wooden labyrinth? Wow!

    And yes, I’d love the book. 🙂



  2. I am doing Lent for the first time, I am not from a church that participates in Lent but the Lord impressed on my heart that there was something I needed to give up. I asked a friend to hold me accountable because this is something that is a big stumbling block, but it’s an attitude rather than food or Facebook. Since I’m still learning about Lent I would love the book but if I don’t get it I’ll probably order a copy tomorrow morning.
    This is all new to me, but I’m looking forward to drawing closer to God though this season..


  3. Helen,
    My thoughts have been on this Lenten season for a few days now. I was questioning myself as to why I observe the Advent season more passionately than I do Lent. I need to look forward daily to the victories over these coming days. Ever mindful of the price He paid.

    Thanks for your thoughts and faithful friendship!


  4. Hi helen! I would love to use this book to welcome lent! Also: where can I get you very cool advent/lent wreath? Love it! Are you giving anything up? I’m still pondering…love ya, kisl


  5. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for your comments.
    I have added the ordering information for the wreath at the end of the post!
    Bless you all!



  6. I am observing Lent this year. It is a season that can just pass us by. Greatfully, the Lord has laid it on my heart to 40 days and 40 nights of a little less “all about me”. I am starting envigorated but know it won’t be easy. But it will be nothing compaired to what Jesus sacrificed. And it is encouraging Helen that you share what God has placed in your heart. Shelley


  7. Grace,
    I will think of you when I open my Mosaic Bible to read…you know I am sure that I read you raving about it that led me to it! I learned after the fact that my pastor has a devotional in it…kind of cool.
    I will be praying for you as lead that great big group of women…very cool.
    So great to hear from you!


  8. Cindy,
    I believe this move on your heart to be set apart for the Lord is going to be a rich experience for you.
    I am praying to that end.
    I am so glad you have someone to help you keep on track, that is so important and it will draw you both closer to one another as well.
    Let me know how you are doing from time to time…I’d love to know.


  9. I love how you said that Tammy…I repeated that to Carl. That is so true that we are definitely more passionate in December. I am praying for you and for all the things that concern you my dear.
    Praying that this weekend goes well for you as well.


  10. Hi there Karen,
    SO glad to see your name…been praying for you.
    Well, I have decided one thing that I am not doing is buying any books this Lent season. Seems kind of funny given this post. More time to read my Bible and books that I already have.


  11. Shelley,
    Well congratulations again.
    You encouraged me by what you wrote. I could use a little less me as well. I realize that so much of what I stress about has the core of being all about me.
    I will be praying that the enthusiasm you have now will not only continue but be increased because you have heard the higher calling.
    I will put the book in the mail…enjoy!


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