I just love this new screen saver from {in}courage.  You can download your own  here.

Just find the button on the top of the toolbar that says calendar and follow the instructions.

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers so this screen saver made me really happy.

I also love this image because it has my verse for the year:


“I have come that they may have life.
and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

Each day there are so many times where the unexpected circumstance seems to have the power to dismantle my day and unravel my hard-fought for joy.

They could be as simple and minor  as having a sick child home from school all but one day this week.

The sadness of him missing bucket band, Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the last day of chess club and postponing a pizza/movie night with friends.

These are big things in the life of a 7 year-old.

Freak events like a Bar-B-Q spatula falling and severing the refrigerator cord.

A power deprived fridge with no back up plan in sight.

In the midst of that mini storm I am rescued by my husband’s quick thinking and willingness to leave work.

I can look at the cresting waves of all the many different scenarios that SO MANY are trying to surf and it gets daunting.

I don’t think my prayer list has ever been so long and so paramount.

I am reminded that I have to always look at the before of John 10:10 to help me live the after.

Reminding myself that my adversary’s only concern is that my life would be one of defeat.

If he can steal, kill or destroy my joy, boy is he happy.


Yet  look at those lovely tulips.

Bursting forth from the earth.

After a time of necessary freezing.

New life erupts.

Look closely, one flower is closed.

Two flowers are opening.

One flower has fully opened and even has lost a petal or two.

Every stage of our lives we are swaddled by God’s grace.

It is so interesting to me that if that one tulip had not fully opened,

the beauty revealed within  would not be witnessed.

I’ve had that happen a time or two…a bouquet that has a couple of flowers that never

I just want to whisper…do what you were made for…it’s time…open!

Be open.

In fact, it is almost more beautiful than the others, at least to me.

Petals have been stripped away but yet loveliness remains.

The brilliance of the center is fully defined.

Our beauty is marked by our Center.

We unfold our petals and allow the Lord to have His way in our lives…whatever that may entail.


The whatever shows off the Core…the Center…our Savior.

All for His glory.


Be open.

Fight for joy.

Live life fully.


Again, I am reminded that we are indeed swaddled in God’s grace.

Because I for one have had plenty of experience not leaving the bud stage.

The tulip will die and may not resemble much of its former beauty.

But rest assured there is business taking place.

All that energy that was produced to create foliage and a bloom will be deposited

right back to the bulb.

It gets another opportunity to fully bloom.


Oh such wonderful grace.








One thought on “tulips

  1. I loved this! Thank you Helen, for listening to the deeper meaning of life…I am trying to be more like you. I get so distracted by the obvious!


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