Okay…this wasn’t the picture that I was going for to add to the title of this post…but it made me giggle.

It is hard to believe that this summer will mark 5 years at A Work of Heart!

Wow…the time has flown away so quickly.

I was down with a cold that started last week and blanketed the weekend.

What does one do when they are hanging out on one’s bed?

I did a bit of a dusting of this blog.

It was time to give the old blog a swift shake and get the dust off.

Click over if you are reading this on a reader.

The new look makes me wish for spring.

I got rid of some of the clutter on the top of the blog.

Some of those pages were from years and years ago.

I even took down 100 things…perhaps I will do an update one day…maybe when this blog turns 5.

What I have added is a page called Reading.

You can check out what I am reading now and please tell me what you are reading.

I am always curious and anxious to add to my stack of books to be devoured.

From time to time, I will add more pages so keep an eye on the top of the home page.


If only I could do all the dusting and cleaning that needs to be accomplished today via my bed.

I must work on that!

Until I find that solution, I better grab a dust cloth, a broom and my other cleaning weapons!


Here’s to a dust free Monday!

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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