high- five…

high- five…

Wow…it has been a whole week since I last posted anything!

Where did the week go?

I am determined that the weekend won’t start without posting my high- five’s.

1.  Have you ever tried a DIY project only to find that it looks so easy but it wasn’t?

Or that the end product looked nothing like the picture?

I usually don’t have a very high bar when it comes to crafts on blogs.

Except this one was super cute and it ended up being super simple as well.

Check out the link  here.

I still have a half filled bowl and they just make me happy.

Might be just the right thing for Monday!

2.   Our oldest in Los Angeles.  Actually by now, she is making her way home with a van

full of young adults.  All I can say is high-five for unlimited text messaging.

3.  I was driving today and caught a glimpse of Mt. Ranier peeking out in the swirly blue and white sky.

If it wasn’t Mt. Ranier don’t tell me because I don’t want to know.  I believe that it was!

For a gal that grew up in the rolling hills of the Palouse tucked in by wheat fields,  mountains just never get old.

I spent spring semester of my sophomore year in college attending the University of Copenhagen.  I remember being picked up

at the Seattle-Tacoma airport by my grandmother and driving to her house to wait for my parents to arrive.  I remember how

big all the cars looked.  I remember wiping away tears when I saw an American flag and when  I saw Mt. Ranier

all big and majestic.  It took my breath away.

This week  I have focused on parenting and the rigors of young adulthood parenting.  Remember #2…in Los Angeles.

I remembered that I was once young myself.

I didn’t always make the best choices.  If you have ever read my 100 things, you know that I have only God to thank!

I can’t believe some of the things that I did.  During our spring break of  that  semester abroad (we had over 3 weeks)

my friends Susanne and Kelli and I ran out of money in Florence.  To be exact, THEY ran out of money, I lent them what I had and then we all ran out.

I don’t know how I was elected but I called home.

Can you imagine?  I can’t imagine how expensive that call was…my parents have never told me to this day.

I think the conversation went something like this…
“Hi Mom and Dad.  It’s me.  I am sorry to bother you.  But we are out of money.

We don’t know what to do.  Yes we are safe.  We are eating lots of pasta and oh,
the gelato.  I had no idea it existed.  Can you send me some money?”  Oh and we are eating so much carbonara and did I mention gelato?”

And they did.  They interrupted whatever they were doing and they saved the day.

Enough that we made it to Venice, and back to Rome but we never made
it to Salzburg.

The hills were not alive with music for us because we ate too much pasta and gelato among other things.

It reminded me that there was a time where much of life revolved around me.

Sadly there are still days where  I think life should revolve around me.

I am still learning the lesson, slowly.

I suppose I can allow others to learn it at a slow pace as well.

4.  See this ottoman?

I am too lazy to take a picture of mine but this one looks awfully close.

High five little ottoman for holding my feet this weekend.  I plan to watch a few movies

and just be…at least for Friday night.

5.  Psalm 32: 8

I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go,

I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

Maybe it’s just me but I really loved this scripture this week.

It kept popping up in my mind.

To think that we have a God that wants to instruct us, teach us and counsel us is quite wonderful.

I looked up all three of those words in the original language to find their synonyms and I will just list them:

  • to look at or upon
  • have insight
  • give attention to
  • consider
  • ponder
  • to cause to prosper
  • have success
  • to direct
  • teach
  • instruct
  • to throw
  • cast
  • to shoot arrows
  • to point out
  • show
  • to advise
  • purpose
  • devise
  • plan
  • consult

That is a hefty list.

Let your eyes scan that list.  God wants to provide all that for us.  There is a lot of overlap for sure but how often I end up in a mess because I haven’t allowed the Lord to give me instruction.  I haven’t looked at His life and let that teach me.  When I think about counsel it makes me think of face to face contact.  God wants to impart His wisdom to us.

What I also like is that He says He will counsel us with His eye on us.  His counsel isn’t from someone who doesn’t have close contact with us. He is right there…watching…waiting to give us counsel, instruction and teaching.

May I sit still long enough to receive it!

Maybe that ottoman is calling me for a reason!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

P.S. Mom and Dad, you deserve way more than a high-five…perhaps applause!

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