just add an “ing”…

just add an “ing”…

It has been ages since I have done a status report.

Since January is now long gone…can you believe it?

January was full of pursuits so I guess February is all about staying power.

Just add an “ing”.

Sitting: at the dining room table still in my pajamas.

Drinking: second cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer and splenda.

Taking: it slow because Caleb is home for second day with a bad cold, thus the wardrobe choice of his mom.

Loving: the oh so blue sky and sunshine despite that I know it is chilly outside.
hearing our dog Hazel snoring at my feet.
(not loving the dog fur, I know she will leave behind.)

Looking: forward to the start of our couple’s group that starts tonight!
The Super Bowl and hopeful for some funny commercials as well.

Reading: One Thousand Gifts.  I am reading this very slowly and savoring it.
Slowly reading  Spiritual Rhythm as well.

Re-reading: In Constant Prayer for a review but also because I just love Robert Benson’s books.
Hinds’ Feet on High Places during my quiet time.  I have read this allegory probably
half a dozen times.  I just love it.  This is the whole book but interwoven with a devotional to
aid in pondering.  I am enjoying taking it slow (perhaps there is a theme to be found) and
not skipping over words since they are so familiar.

Studying: DAVID:  Seeking a Heart Like His with a good friend.  Enjoying reviewing David’s life and
examining the psalms he wrote.  Wouldn’t it be a grand idea if we wrote out our prayers as psalms
to the Lord and entitled them based on what was happening in our life at that moment?

Catching: up on my daily Bible reading after catching a head and stomach bug…little by little.

Hanging: my spring kitchen curtains.  Why?  Because I can!  But why not…they add a bit of color and don’t look so
Christmas-like.  The wonders of dish towels lets me change things up three times a year!

onto…”for we walk by faith, not by sight.”  II Cor. 5: 7
This little verse resonated with me this week.  There is so much of life that is not seen.  Each day we make the choice
to walk in faith, not in ourselves but in the one that is worthy of all our belief.  It starts in our head and spreads to our
hearts.  Making the choice to walk in faith is not allowing ourselves to imagine what we can’t lay our eyes on.  Later in
this book, Paul talks of taking our thoughts captive to Christ.  Daily we must fight those thoughts that wage war against
us and create scenarios that are not here in the present.  Only God can see all things.  We walk by faith.  We pray in faith.
We talk in faith.  We let our minds be bathed in faith.  Our hearts are set on faith.

Avoiding: getting dressed and cleaning the bathroom.  Not necessarily in that order.

Clicking: the spell check button and the publish button because no amount of clicking my fingers will make the chores magically

Remembering: that any noun becomes a verb just by adding an “ing”  Bless you Schoolhouse Rock!

Oh and 3 is a magic number!

Do you have a favorite Schoolhouse Rock song?  Do share!

I would say mine are…


Conjunction Junction

Figure 8

3 is a magic number

I’m just a bill  ( I have a special affection for bills (especially of the human kind!))


I am sure there are more…but I am avoiding as you can see from above!

3 thoughts on “just add an “ing”…

  1. loved Conjunction Junction just cause it was ‘bluesy’ and fun to say. I don’t think I ever paid attention to the lesson it contained!


  2. Oh I love Three is a Magic Number too!

    I was just watching it was Caleb yesterday…Three is a magic number
    Ya it is, it’s a magic number
    Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity
    You’ll get three
    As a magic number
    The past, the present, the future,
    Faith, and hope, and charity,
    The heart, the brain, the body,
    Will give you three,
    It’s a magic number



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