blessing box…

blessing box…

I mentioned yesterday that we spent some time last weekend packing up my Grandmother Lelia’s belongings.

On a previous trip,my mom set aside a blessing box that I had made for my grandmother years ago.

It made me smile.

I had made one for each grandmother and for my mom.

This one was the second one I made them.

I don’t remember if it was for Mother’s day or their birthdays…they always kind of blurred together as they were all in May.

The first ones were made while I was in high school.  I used a glass decanter with a cork topper and used that really horrible green paper.

You remember, the kind of off colored green from school copy machines.

But they were grandmothers and so they just loved it.

They asked me years later to make them another set.

This time I used lidded baskets and glued on silk flowers…no comments!

The basket has seen better days and was very dusty.  So I put the contents in here:

I have had fun opening these little pieces of paper.

I can remember that my Grandmother Helen would tell me that she would open them and read them  all and thereafter read one each day.

She just couldn’t wait to see what each slip of paper said.

Some slips have scriptures:

Other slips had quotes that I liked:

Others had small things to do or consider:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Is there someone you love who could use some daily reminders of your love and affection?

Perhaps a small box full  of loving thoughts.

How about your children?

Maybe a box full of all the wonderful qualities that you see in them might be just grand!

Anyone in your life that could just use some plain encouragement?

Sprinkle  some blessings around your corner of the world!

4 thoughts on “blessing box…

  1. I have tears reading this. What a gift of love you gave these special women.

    One of my friends is battling cancer, and one is in the death grips of despair over a child. I will make two. Asap.

    Thank you. God is using your post, and blessing your use of time making those gifts of love.


  2. This is absolutely a wonderful idea…will be doing it and passing the idea along to others. Your grandmothers and mom were more than blessed to have you in their lives.


  3. I am glad that a part of that special day made it into the blog. I still have my box and daily devotions. I treasure them and like your idea of making them for those that we care about. You also made one for me with blank pages that I could write my dreams. I used it during graduate school.


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