random bits…

random bits…


This is a post of all the random things that have been pinging around my brain and in the margins of my journal.


Each one alone is not enough for a full- fledged post but when grouped together…oh the utter random collection.




I feel like I have been challenged every day regarding the word that I have selected for this year?

This is the year to live.

Everyday feels like I must fight for it.

To refrain from complaining.

To find joy in mundane tasks.

I believe this must be a pearl of great price.

It is worth fighting for each second!

Have you chosen a word for this year?





I have also been spending some time pondering Noah.

You know that guy God asked to build an ark in the midst of dry times.

We don’t know a lot about Noah but we know that he found favor in the eyes of the Lord, he was righteous and blameless and he walked with God.

Earth  was corrupt but Noah was righteous.

He alone was found blameless.

I find that I am amazed at this.

What does it take to stand alone in a generation?

How did he do that?

The only answer that I can find is that he walked with God.

Despite all that was around him that could distract or snare him, he walked with God.

He did everything that God commanded him to do.

I am sure he was the punch-line of many jokes.

I like to think that he and Mrs. Noah used to giggle at night about what God had told him to do.

She would smile and say,

“Really, Noah, an ark?”

Noah would throw his head back to laugh only to remember that his neck ached from bending over hammering all that lumber.

He would muse that it was unbelievable to him as well but he would do all God told him to do.

There was no other response.



We took a trip up north last Saturday to help with packing up my grandmother’s house.

It was a concentrated time spent taking down photos and emptying drawers and shelves.

It was a tender time of remembrance.

I know we all felt her presence there.

There were lots of questions, lots of sighs, lots of laughs and lots of love.

As I found  boxes full of programs and sympathy cards from parents and children that had passed away during my grandmother’s life, I was reminded of how much loss she endured.

Yet she lived her life fully devoted to the Lord.  Not her will but His alone.




I am taking a class at church and we have homework.

This week, we were to pick a date 15 to 40 years from now and write a vision statement.

This assignment kind of stopped me in my tracks.

Especially when I looked 20 years out and calculated everyone’s ages.

I can get stuck when I think that there is a right way to do something.

I didn’t write anything all week.

But today, I decided to look at this piece of writing as fun and not a chore.

It changed everything.

It felt like I was having a little dream session with God where I fill Him in on what my hopes are for the future knowing that He will carry out His will in His way.

I am trying to live in the present but sometimes all my prayers concern the here and now.  I don’t want to forget to pray about the yet to come.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Have you spent anytime dreaming?



Lastly, I have struggled with getting up early in the morning for some weeks months.

It seems like I just wish I could do it and then I roll over in bed and the morning is all over me as I have blinked.

This week, I did something I haven’t done in quite a while.

I asked God to get me up.

I told Him that I needed a certain amount of time while the house was still quiet.

I also went to bed the first two nights a bit earlier than usual.

You know what?  I have gotten up each morning.

Even after lapsing back to my late night habit last night, I still got up and had a time of quiet.

My soul has felt anchored this week.

For me, there is a difference.

My pattern has been to do it after I return from taking Caleb to school but even though it is still morning, something always crowds in and I must admit, I get cranky.


There is just something about early light.

Asking my gracious God for help has helped me to go forward in my day and:





How random was that?  Ha!

Feel free to leave any random thoughts you have had this week!

Tell me I am not alone in my randomness!


Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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