one thousand gifts…

one thousand gifts…

I have read Ann Voskamp’s blog  A Holy Experience for several years now.

I never leave without being inspired and challenged in my walk with the Lord.

I have been in anticipation about  her new book for quite a while.

I am equally excited that my copy will arrive tomorrow.

Happy dance ensuing.

Dayspring has a ministry called {in}courage.  They have a book club called Bloom.

Bloom has made their winter book choice One Thousand Gifts.

Each week, the book club hosts will cover one chapter of this book along with the author Ann Voskamp by video.

Starting Sunday February 6th, the first video conversation begins.

Each conversation is between 10-15 minutes.

What a wonderful way to spend some Sabbath time pondering Ann’s call to fight for joy and to live life fully.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it

It seems to fit so well into my year of living life overflowing!

I hope it does for you as well.

Find all the details here.

Books are $10 through tomorrow here.

I was able to order at barnes and noble for just a pinch  less than this and I believe amazon is the same.


Watch the trailer for the book…


Read an excerpt here…

One Thousand Gifts


Okay, did I convince you?  I believe this is a record amount of links for one post…whew!

I don’t usually recommend books prior to digesting them myself  but I feel confident that no one will be disappointed.

Let me know if you are going to read the book.  If so perhaps we could be a little book club ourselves as well.


Have a blessed Sunday!




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