I woke up this morning a bit late.

That’s not  unusual as I continue to work on trying to get my body to bed earlier each night.

I also woke up with a bit of reflection from the previous day.

Yesterday afternoon in the midst of basking in the normally  absent sunshine, I received a phone call from my friend Cheryl.

We chatted a bit as Caleb played in the park.

At one point in the conversation she asked me what day I was looking forward to this week.  My reply…


Yesterday was Wednesday and I was already trying to skip past the evening and the next day to get to that elusive Friday.

We chuckled and part of me said it in jest but another part felt the sentiment deep in my bones.

I have declared this year as being one where I live life overflowing.


Not on Fridays alone.

There are a lot of items on my plate.

Yesterday I was looking at them as things that I have to do.

What I realized this morning is that these are things that I get to do.

It couldn’t have been more apparent when I looked at the latest on Joanne.

Yesterday they began weaning her off the very strong paralytic medications that had allowed  her brain to completely rest.  Today she has been removed from them all. Prayers welcome.

Joanne, who truly embodies living life full-out is motionless right now…fighting for life.

So…what do I get to do today?

I am a slow learner.

Monday Caleb and I had a little morning chat over Jesus Calling.  This is what his version said:

No More Boring Days

Come to Me with a thankful heart.  I have made this day for you so that you can enjoy My Presence in it.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Rejoice in today.  Look for the many blessings and miracles that I have put

into you this day.

Come to Me with all your needs, big and small, knowing that I will take care of you.  When you are not  worried about

what is happening in your life, then you are free to truly live.  I want to give you that freedom.  Turn your heart over to Me

and I will fill it with peace and joy.  And there will be no more boring days.

Caleb and I talked about worry.  What it looks like to worry.  In my great wisdom, I gave him a few examples of how he might worry during his day.

One example was that he might be worried that he wouldn’t remember how to spell all his spelling words correctly.

To this he replied,

“Oh Mom, I don’t worry about that because I always know how to spell my spelling words!”

Heavy sigh.

I could come up with lots of things to worry about and in the mind of a child, there was no need to worry.

We chose this verse to learn this week…perhaps you have heard it a time or two.



PSALM 118: 24

The first sentence is a fact.  God made this day.

The second sentence is how I should respond to that fact.

When I worked as  a physical therapist, I took lots of notes when performing a patient evaluation.  We had lots of abbreviations for medical terms but one non-medical term was abbreviated “c/o”

Do you know what this means?

It means complained of.

Some charts would be full of c/o’s.

If I am keeping it honest, some were medical complaints and some were just plain complaints.

I don’t want my life to be littered with c/o’s.

I would really like my life to be full of g/o’s.

Glad of’s.

This is the day that the Lord has made.

I will be glad of it.

Perhaps it is as simple as saying GO.

Go forth in your day that the Lord has made.

He knows what is contained in your  day.


Be glad in it.

***I am seriously having formatting issues with my last couple of post…so sometimes the font gets large in spots…I am just going with it…perhaps there is a reason.

2 thoughts on “go

  1. Love that Robynne…
    I am going to write that out and post it in a place I can see it daily.
    Such a great reminder.
    I will be praying for your dear friend Dave. Great perspective in the midst of hardships.
    I hope we both have a best day!


  2. Helen, I loved your entry today, one of my busier days and a timely reminder to enjoy “getting to do” all of these things! We have a friend, Dave, who is terminal with cancer and his blog today is about living each day as if it is our last and this was one of his thoughts from a Puritan prayer: “May I speak each word as if my last word, and walk each step as if my final one. If my life should end today, let this be my best day.” I need to be reminded on a daily basis to “let this be my BEST day” because of who He is! Love you and I barely even know you, Helen!


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