giving away some encouragement…

giving away some encouragement…

I thought I would start this Monday with a little giveaway…why not?

I have mentioned a time or two or twenty how much I love the devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and have given a copy away as well. 

 I have given numerous copies as gifts…it’s just too good not to share.

I gave two this week…one to Courtney as we talked about the importance of guarding our time with the Lord even when it gets hard…especially as she draws closer to college…alright enough of that.

I also gave Caleb the children’s version.  It’s so cute…

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids

He’s reading so well these days and really enjoys looking up verses as well.  He even has better success than his mama.

So it is kind of fun…the three of us each reading the same devotional…Caleb’s is the same but described so he can understand it.

Without further rambles, I would love to give one copy away of the original Jesus Calling!

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Anyone is eligible even if you already own your own copy…if you win, give it away to someone who needs some encouragement!

It’s simple…just leave me a little comment!

I will draw a random comment on Tuesday by 6pm PST.

4 thoughts on “giving away some encouragement…

  1. Oh, I know just the person I would give it to. Plus, blessings on you for telling about the one for children…will have to get some for my grandchildren. Especially the one who is showing signs of accepting Jesus as his Savior. Your post is a blessing, for it told me about that book and I was thinking this morning on what I could do to help his spiritual growth,plus it would be great for the other two that can read.

    In preparation, IF I should be so blessed as to win, my email address so that you may contact me, unless you want to post the winner on FB…is Mary Lou Lowrance…..dlowran1(at)comcast(dot) net.

    We are both followers of Bev Brandon’s…


  2. Good Morning Helen. I enjoy reading your blogs, they are an encouragement to me. As a mom of many I struggle to set aside time to be i’m the Word. I would love this devotional.


  3. you know how much I love this devotional. And if the random chooser thingie chooses me, I know just who to give it too. (I gave Jessi a copy last year and she carries hers with her to encourage her throughout the day. Good stuff!)


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