Whatever anyone may think about technology…I know that I think it is pretty amazing.

The outpouring has been quite amazing to see…facebook, tweets and blog posts.

So even with this itty bitty blog, I continue to ask for prayer for sweet Joanne.

She had a rough night and it was found that she was developing  massive swelling in her brain.  The doctors rushed her to surgery this morning and removed a portion of her skull to relieve pressure.  They were successful in this procedure however the doctor said he was not pleased with the amount of pressure that had been on her brain stem.  Worst case scenario is that she will not wake up.  Best case scenario that the family is clinging to is that she will be able to return to nearly normal function.

Thank you so much.

4 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Thanks Karen…yes all are indeed praying for a miracle knowing that with God all things are possible.

    Praying for your precious mom as well and for wisdom for you!


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