This was Caleb’s to-do list on New Year’s eve.  One list of many that he made himself over the Christmas vacation.  He is a list maker…just like his mom.

I love that he made time for “anything” and that he actually scheduled time to just look out the window.  Although this was scratched out (in addition to room time) as you can see because Carl took him to a basketball game.  Notice the exclamation mark.

This new year, I am not making goals.  I have decided to call them pursuits.  Don’t you like how that sounds?  It makes me feel like I am moving in the right direction no matter how small the steps are each day.  Just like a flashing arrow pointing the way through the year.

I want to follow Caleb’s example of making a list but being flexible to change plans or gears…with joy!

This is the year to embrace living life to the fullest…to overflowing.

One of my pursuits is to have more fun.

Life can be awfully serious. I want to read the comics not just on Sunday.

I want to play games more often.

I just plain want to laugh because why not!

One of my traditions is to give our family a new game each Christmas.  There are always pajamas and games on Christmas eve!

This year we played Bubble Talk.

As the box says, “There’s a quote for every picture but only the funniest one wins!”

So imagine it’s your turn to be the judge and you choose this picture:

Kind of cute, huh?

Which caption do you think is the funniest?

So…which one  makes you laugh?

Leave me a comment with your choice!

Here’s to peals of laughter this year!

8 thoughts on “pursuits…

  1. I am a big fan of the word “pursuits” (over and above “goals”) Helen. Deciding what is best to pursue this year sounds lovely to me. 🙂


    P.S. I am torn between “big mistake” and the “catalog” caption. 😉


  2. Oh my what a smart kid to make a list, hope he is better at executing his plans than I am. Helen I’m so glad to hear about your pursuits. Please tell me one of those pursuits is singing! I have wanted badly to talk you into singing with us on Monday nights with the Portland Intergenerational Woman’s Choir. I’m having a great time there and you would too. Call or email me if you are interested, and that would definitely NOT be a big mistake , but for laughs: I’m going for just that: ‘big mistake’.


  3. I like the “rash” comment…love Caleb’s list, too…and so does Rachel (who happens to be looking at this post over my shoulder! )


  4. I have so many things to pursue! That game looks great. We got a couple new ones as well. I think we’d like to pick up a copy of “Bubble Talk”. When the marrieds are home we like to play board games in the evenings.

    As far as my favorite bubble…”I hate the new dress code”. I am definitely a go against the flow type of gal… can also be defined as rebellious in some circles. :0)


  5. I like “I got it on sale, you got a problem with that?” That one made me chuckle. Hey, love the “pursuits”…I told Soren today, before reading your blog (just now) that my goal/resolution (but I said, I don’t like that word) was to have more FUN as a family…so we are in sync! I told him I want to have a family meeting to make a list of all the fun things we can do as a family and choose different things after dinner to do together…feeling like life just goes too fast, and most of what’s on my list is not fun….so: amazing synchronicity! Great minds….
    love ya!
    Hey, on my fun list is spending more time with yoU!


  6. I think “it didn’t look like this in the catalog” is my favorite. (There’s probably a life lesson in there as well!) Good news…got the word “benign” yesterday. Thanks for praying! =)


  7. Jen, here’s to many joyous pursuits to you!

    Oh Marianna, believe me it would be a big mistake for me to be in the choir. I am an alto, but never really learned to sing harmonies…not a pretty picture. I am glad you are having so much fun. You and me over a cup of tea…much better!

    Barb, that is one of my favorite captions too. Hi Rachel!

    Definitely check out this game. It is a bit spendy but I ordered it from Barnes and Noble and if you are a part of the Kid’s Club you can get 30 percent off on all games…not bad!

    Karen S-L,
    You and me live in that same brain! Tee hee…you are on for fun together!

    OH Praise Him…heading over to your blog to say more!


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