the gift of wood…

the gift of wood…


My mom gave  this nativity scene to Carl and me after we were married.

She knew it was my favorite as a child. 

 I am sure we had others but I don’t remember them because this one captured my eyes and my heart.

Perhaps because it felt so accessible. 

 I could reach out and touch it with my hands.

I thought that it was made of  ivory.

How shocked was I to find that it was just molded plastic.

Now it makes sense why it was not a “hands off” set.

But somehow it didn’t matter because regardless of the material, expensive or not so,  it was the message and the meaning behind these pieces that was  priceless.

This is a post from a couple of Decembers ago…all about one type of material that God used to change lives.


Immanuel…God With Us…we hear this name of Jesus so often during this time of Christmas cheer.  This name in particular has been very present, powerful and dear to me in the past few years…and really as long as I have known there was one that I could call God…Jesus…He has been with me. 

My mind flashes to three aspects that reveal God with me.

The manger bed…God in flesh…born into a dark world and bringing light to illuminate our paths…our lives…God with us.

Jesus coming to live just like us…laughing, crying, eating, sleeping, scraping His knees just like us.

On an ordinary day…an extraordinary Babe…the Light of the World

A boat…cast  onto the waters…Jesus with them…all was calm and then in an instant, it was not…the storms of life crashed against this small vessel’s walls…Jesus in the cheap seats…asleep…at peace.

Jesus in that same boat…with them…with you…with me.

He promised the other side was a sure destination…no need to lean over the side of the boat to paddle…useless to crane ones neck down front to see when the dark clouds will subside uncovering blue.

Peace…Be Still!

On an ordinary day…an extraordinary Man…The Prince of Peace

A cross…the burdens of mankind transferred from our shoulders and thrust upon His…the sins that separate us from God nailed to hands and feet…death would have no mastery over Him…resurrecting power would bring new life to us…eternal life as our new-found hope…

On an ordinary day…an extraordinary God…The Savior of the World

An ordinary material…wood…not sought by many…nor precious by any means…yet God used the ordinary to exhibit the extraordinary…to show us…to  remind us that in every aspect of life, each ordinary day…He  brings light, peace and deliverance.

He is God With Us...


Only God could take blocks of wood and create such an amazing gift.

Thanks be to God that all we have to do is open up our hearts  for Him to be with us…reach out and touch His hands today…they are easily accessible to you each and every day.

He longs for us to know Him as Immanuel, God with us!

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