day off…

day off…

A great way for Caleb to spend his day off from school…

I will keep quiet on the fact that Caleb rewrote a bit of history when the shepherds and the wise men were doing battle. 

Eventually everyone took their proper places!

Have a wonderful weekend and take a little time to reflect on this scene!

Oh and did you notice it is snowing once again on the blog! 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

3 thoughts on “day off…

  1. Karen,
    Isn’t Playmobile just the best…I particularly like this set as it doesn’t have a gajillion little pieces…it was nice to take it out again and find everything!
    Yes…the wonders of boys and how they can erect an army out of just about anything!
    We are also doing a Jesse Tree this year and Caleb is really enjoying it as well.

    Thanks Dad…it was a great fun chatting with you and mom too! Wish our Cougars had made a few more shots…


  2. Soren has this set too! I was just taking stuff out for decorating today (started Wed. night…little by little…), and noticed it. We put the wise men out on Ephiphany, as it’s also Russian Christmas in the Orthodox tradition! Love the battle thing though–BOYS.
    Love you,


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