But HE said to me,

 My grace

 My favor and loving-kindness and mercy

 is  ENOUGH  for you

 sufficient  against ANY danger


enables you to bear the trouble manfully;

 for My strength and power are made perfect

 fulfilled and completed


show themselves most effective in your weakness.


 I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses



that the strength and power of Christ

the Messiah

may rest ,yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell upon me!

 So for the sake of Christ,

 I am well pleased and take pleasure in








 for when I am weak,

 in human strength,


II Corinthians 12: 9-10 (MSG)


I have loved reflecting on these verses. 

The context is Paul describing the thorn in his flesh that God allowed to reside in his life.

I particularly like the Message’s rendering of this passage.  It reaffirms that a weakness can be most anything. 

It can be a hardship or an illness.  It can be an insult or even something that is just plain perplexing.

We who are so frail in this wrapping of flesh cannot take in all of life’s challenges yet God does not expect us to shoulder it ourselves.

He desires that we depend on Him. 

There is a surrender that is sacred as we realize His sufficiency spilling over our inadequacy.

God reveals Himself most fully and perfectly in our supreme weakness.

Isn’t it good to know that displaying weakness really well is a very good thing?

Today, if you find that you have been a bit banged up by life, or still sting from the harsh words of others or perhaps your own. 

Do  you find you are just simply perplexed by the details of your life?

Run to Him.

Jesus is there with you.

You may not have even noticed that He pitched a tent right over you.

He is dwelling amongst all the 








May you feel strong, able and powerful in His divine strength!



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3 thoughts on “enough

  1. Love this one Helen! I need to look up to see the tent…in the midst of perplexities…and run to Him. Thank you for this wonderful scriptural reminder!


  2. Enough and sufficient. So good to remember that he is those things during this season that is too easily focused on getting more, wanting more, feeling like there’s not enough, that if only there was more.

    He is enough.

    Thank you, Helen.



  3. Karen,
    I like how you said…look up to the tent…Amen! Too often, I find myself looking at all the perplexing things all about me and others and don’t find the time to discover that He has me covered!
    Love you dear one!
    Hi there!
    I am so glad that He is enough to satisfy this girl that is prone to looking for more. There is definitely more outside myself and thankfully His name is Jesus!
    Hugs to you!


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