The last few weeks have found me  a bit melancholy.

I have been focusing on mathematics.

No, I am anything but a math whiz. 

Just ask my Dad and I am sure he will recall endless  pages of filled yellow legal pads trying to get me to understand story problems and geometry.

I was always better at addition than subtraction.

I liked whole numbers infinitely more than fractions.

This year has held more subtraction than I care to recall.

It has been evident in simple yearly tasks like how many school pictures to order, cards to send, gifts to buy…a lot fewer this time around.

I am sure today will echo silence in my home and many in my family as they are reminded that the phone will not ring quite as much on this Thanksgiving.

It is alright to be a bit sad for that which is lacking.

But little by little I am realizing that in the very near future I will be physically stuffed just as that napkin proclaims.

That fullness may be a  bit uncomfortable but it  will inevitably subside.

Day by day, moment by moment, I am finding myself spiritually stuffed.
One could say it is a perpetual stuffing of sorts.

His supply is endless and abundant.

Thanks be to  God who takes my every day story problems and solves them in Christ Jesus.

The day still holds some missing numbers but He is present to fill every gap with Himself.

May today bring you many reminders of the wonderful addition and multiplication that is available in our Savior. 

I think I like that kind of math…new life math indeed.

Now thanks be to God for His Gift,


 beyond telling

 His indescribable,


 free Gift!

II Corinthians 9: 15

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

8 thoughts on “stuffed…

  1. Oh Kim…you doth maketh my heart to ache…
    I know that God will meet you in the midst of all of the lack…and we know that there is addition coming very soon.
    May you hear His every whisper of His care, comfort and understanding for the displacement you are experiencing.
    Oh…I just saw that it is starting to snow on my blog…that annual tradition…didn’t think it would start until tomorrow…keep looking for that manna from heaven to sustain you day by day.


  2. so cleaned june’s old room. It is very empty now. Just a bed and dresser. It didn’t bother me so much that it was empty of June and bella, but when Tom put up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house and I walked by the empty room, the Christmas lights illuminated the empty room and I remembered how much June loved the lights shining in her room. I felt the stab of lack, the subtraction of two lives so intertwined with mine now growing their own branches. Life changes, but God never does. Always He sends the Comforter and the lifter of my head. I am not quite at the place where I glory in my weaknesses, but I know any strength I have comes from Him


  3. Mom…I know this first holiday seemed quite different but nonetheless we are blessed.
    Dad…well, thank you for the math vote of confidence!

    Ann…thanks for the blessings from one of my favorite places in Ephesians…may the blessings boomerang right back to you!

    Hey Karen…new math indeed…probably makes more sense than what our kiddos are doing at school these days…ha!

    Chris…I miss you too…surprised my van doesn’t just naturally point your direction on Tuesday evenings…this season shall pass…


  4. Hi Helen,
    Love your metaphors…spirituallly stuffed indeed, a new math in Jesus….I think you are pretty good at math indeed!!
    Love you,


  5. Helen:
    You are to hard on yourself, you have always been good in all that you do. As usual wonderful, perceptive, thought provoking prose. God bless you always.


  6. I’ve never been good at math, but I like the answer to this equation! May you be filled to overflowing by the Lord who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. To Him be the glory!


  7. Thank you as always Helen for putting into words the thoughts that we are trying to avoid today. We have also been blessed with additions this year but none can take another’s place. To God be the glory. God is good all the time. Mor


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