the net…

the net…

Day two of flashbacks…originally posted April 2010.

I needed to read this again because there is a NET…I am so thankful for the net of His grace, protection, provision and love. 

It is interesting how when this was published, life had many difficult components for me and for those around me…today some things have changed…some have stayed the same…new things have cropped up but  yet the net remains…oh so thankful!

net: (n.) an open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven at regular intervals.


“The eternal God is your refuge,
       and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Deuteronomy 33: 27

For the last couple weeks, I have been reflecting on several thoughts:

  • The faithfulness of God
  • The amount of hardship seemingly everywhere
  • The faithfulness of God
  • Pain is a gift
  • The faithfulness of God

This morning as I was driving from Caleb’s school and  reflecting about life in general, suddenly a picture of a net flashed through my head.

As you have read, I recently have been dealing with a few stressors in my life.  I have also felt His tremendous care for me and my family.  In addition, have  felt His love from others in a multitude of different ways. 

God is  ever-present in joy and in sorrow.  He is the net that is always underneath me in case I slip, stumble or fall. This is a net that is twisted and knotted and woven together.  The design of a net is made for strength.  It is repetitious in design.  God is  strong and He is consistent.  He never changes. God is repetitious by His very nature.

God pours out Himself and as I take in His Word at regular intervals, the net is further reinforced. I need to be repetitious in my pursuit of Him allowing the network of that relationship to be further strengthened.

However, despite the sufficiency of God,my old habits die-hard, I want to retreat.

Doubts…fear…discouragement…fatigue…all can weaken this net…even to the extent of making huge gaping holes.

It’s embarrassing to say but at the end of church on Sunday…I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible…all I can say is that I was weary and wanted to pull a Greta Garbo act.

I leaned over to Carl and asked…Is it alright if we don’t tarry today?

His response was…”Who’s Terry?”

I said…”Oh no, I meant…”  Then I look at his grinning face…

He always has a way of making me laugh.

We had an escape route…but we were enclosed and one by one…people we have gotten to know…people we have come to love drew near…and my resolve evaporated…and the heaviness felt to the carpet…we were essentially hemmed in by the tangible arms of refuge.

This is where the network of believers enters the scene.

Emails…prayers…comments…walks under unexpectedly glorious skies…mail time turns into tea time…Bible study gals that  listen, relate and pray…hugs…precious hugs. 

Some of you I see every week…some I see less often and some of you I have never even met…but you each are a precious knot in the net that God has provided.

You are the strands that God uses to reinforce  the net of my life…the visible pointing to the invisible.

I have said before on this blog that although I would not have readily said “Bring it on” to most  that has crossed my path over the last  many years, I can now say that much of it has been a gift…there has been a cost for sure…but it has been an opportunity to rest in the arms of Jesus as never before.

Pain is a gift. 

It’s alright if you just groaned…I am sure there will be days where I will forget and think anything but the contrary. 

 Pain, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, has a way of extracting our perceived control…it weakens us…but if allowed, it can prove to be beneficial.  It gives God access and room in our tightly wound lives.

James  has told us to count it all joy when we encounter trials of various kinds…they perfect our faith and ultimately perfect us.

Paul  has said when he is weak from any number of factors  then he is actually strong…God’s grace is sufficient.

Paul  even goes so far as to say that our light and momentary troubles are obtaining for us an eternal glory that will far outweigh all of  the muck and mire.

Pain also connects us.  Why do you think so many share childbirth stories?

Or that a popular response has become “Been there…done that.”?

We can all relate to pain no matter how much we wish that we couldn’t. 

 Pain is as old as the Garden and as universal to everyone that draws breath.

God is faithful. 

God is our safety net.

safety net: (n.)  something that provides security against misfortune or difficulty.

A safety net does not barricade us from  difficulties finding us…it is the  security or assurance against those difficulties overcoming us.

We will have struggles but God is there.

God is able.

He is enough.

The figurative net that He provides for His children is sufficient.

The word net can also be used as a verb:

net: (v.)  remaining after the deduction of all charges, outlay or loss.

It’s  a glorious thought that after all the deductions in our lives,  there will be something that remains…a net gain…fruit.  That’s God’s way of balancing the books in our favor.  I don’t know what that fruit will look or taste like but God does. 

Count it all joy…count on it being delicious.

Why does a net have openings?

 Perhaps as we step or even fall into the net of God there are a  few scenarios that we might encounter.


We realize we have lost our footing and  try desperately to keep our balance.  Frankly falling can be a bit humbling.  We want to avoid this at any cost so we high step it  which only creates another force that propels us in another direction…if we continue to fight the net, we won’t find a solid stance.


We can keep stretching our fingers and  toes out into the open spaces…exercising our free will.  Do we trust Him?  Will we obey Him?  Will we wait for Him?  Is He our last resort  only when we run out of wiggle room?


Have you ever watched a trapeze artist or a tight rope walker?  No matter the level of expertise, when they realize they are going to fall, they surrender to the net.

They don’t flap their arms trying to fly or bicycle their legs to delay the inevitable.

Balance has been lost…there is a net.

They  lean back and prepare to be caught.

Each one of us must do the same…assume the position and fall back into the safety of His embrace.

 Let the Lord hammock you by His Presence.

Trust that there is a net…prepare yourself to be caught.

4 thoughts on “the net…

  1. Mor, for some reason…the elusive book doesn’t seem as long as I envisioned…tee hee…we’ll see won’t we?!

    Jen, you are right…perhaps God was the first thoroughly “green” one…redeeming everything and making it better! Thanks!

    Karen, glad to be finding the net with you!


  2. Thank you Helen for “the net” today…I started a Bible study today that I had to wait to “get in” and God’ timing is perfect. Caught, surrendered, trusting Him for today and tomorrow….


  3. Pain is a gift that keeps on giving.
    I mean that in a good way. In God’s excellent economy, He never wastes the pain and suffering He allows into our lives.

    As always Helen, thank you for the reminder-expressed so beautifully.



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