twenty one…

twenty one…

So my baseball hat wearing gal is twenty-one today. Cough…choke…sniff.

We headed to one of our favorite places…

Lots of good food…a few What Would You Rather Questions…good times!


We headed home for a bit more fun including…

A 21 bag salute for Carlen…lots of little gifts for the birthday girl.

She enjoyed the family favorite Hoops and Yo-Yo…

And the creative brillance of a special mom who also has a daughter with the same birthday…thanks Cher…

All and all a great day!

Carlen Amanda with the great big 1000 watt smile…a tender heart and fiercely loyal…lover of graphic t-shirts and hanging with friends…who always sticks up and looks out for the underdog and the downtrodden…you are my social justice girl. 

I love you Carlen…Lennie Loo…Sweet Baboo…Amanda Sue…we sure do like to rhyme around here! I can’t wait to see what God does in this next chapter of your life…I bet you can’t either!

Happy 21st…it’s official…you are an adult!

I will do my best to treat you as such…although when I look into your face…I still see that little girl…but I digress!

5 thoughts on “twenty one…

  1. Tears in my eyes as I realize that of course she is 21 – Greg turned 21 this year as well. What happened to the days of puffy paint sweatshirts, trips to the zoo, afternoon naps – and when the greatest thing to fear in life was a toy clown??
    Miss you all more than you can know.
    Love you, Carlen!


  2. What a sweet post Helen. One day these girls of ours will understand the bittersweet experience of having them all grown up, and know how hard letting go actually is. They are beautiful gifts.


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