Caleb turned seven this past weekend…I am not sure how that happened but it did!

The celebrating included missile Popsicles all around for his class…making Caleb and his mom rock stars on a very hot day following a fire drill!

There were lots of balloons…a soccer game and a bowling party with a lot of his best buddies and an acre of ice cream cake…

Caleb great loves these days are composed of:

  • Sponge Bob with Tom and Jerry a close second
  • Soccer
  • Wipe Out
  • Lego’s (when they stay together…argghhh)
  • Pizza
  • Wii
  • Dessert (Can I have dessert?)
  • Basketball
  • Reading
  • First Grade
  • Running…really fast…his claim to fame at school
  • Asking a lot of questions
  • Riding his bike
  • Learning his verses (okay…the carrot now is getting a prize at church…he has quite the collection of bouncy balls now.)

He is wild and wonderful.  There was always this untouched place in my heart that longed for a boy…didn’t know God would make me wait this long…but he was worth the wait…there is just something about little boy hugs…and I will take them for as long as he is willing.  His honesty is unbridled and makes me laugh.

“Mom, your legs are starting to grow hair on them…it feels really cooool!”

His sisters love his pint-sized confidence…

“Carlen, will you go fetch me some food?” ( She actually did fetch him some food…ha)

I heard this in the back of van when a pal told him  how a woman had escaped injury following a car accident…

“I know why she wasn’t hurt…Jesus protected her.”

To Caleb, who didn’t sleep through the night until he was two yet could count backward from ten at that age…the boy who has fascinating conversations with himself  and prefers to be upside down more than right side up…the boy that considers it a good day if he has a few bruises to show off and yet is tender enough to give up his special bear when Courtney was puffy from wisdom teeth extraction…

I love you Caleb Joseph…Jo Jo…Scooter…my little guy!

Seven suits you just fine!


4 thoughts on “seven…

  1. My personal favorite: “Carlen, will you go FETCH me some food?. I am SO using that word around here, from now on. It makes requests sound so …..well…..fetching!! 🙂


  2. More great memories. Did he grow a foot in the last 6-8 months or what! He looks so tall compared to when I saw him. My son’s birthday is tomorrow : )


  3. Happy Birthday Caleb!!! Glad you all had a great day celebrating Helen! When I ask Soren about his bruises, he usually says something like, “That’s life Mom!” He feels proud of them too! Yikes! I love it when I hear him using a phrase I use, so, kind of like “fetch” it goes like this: While you’re at it, can you bring me some__________?” (In the kitchen) Ha!
    Blessings!!!! SEVEN IS HEAVEN!


  4. It seems like yesterday that we found out your surprise announcement at our retreat…”I’m pregnant.” It is seven years of seeing God’s faithfulness and strength given to you when we count off all He has done and empowered you to do. Congratulations to both Caleb and to your family on this milestone. That son of yours is going to do mighty things in the Kingdom!


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