there was a plan…

there was a plan…

So…the plan was to clean a bit deeper in this house that seems to be full of dog fur and clutter…put the iPod in the boombox and get down to work…here’s a sampling of what I heard…if you have a bit of space…may these worship songs take you away from the day in and day out of life…and into the dailiness of God:

(Sorry…can’t figure out why this must be watched on YouTube…but click over…)

I listened to the Travis Cottrell version…with the Lord Have Mercy, Christ Have Mercy refrain…couldn’t find on YouTube…

It bears repeating…

So…needless to say…the kitchen floor still needs to be mopped…the hardwoods still look quite dull…and the bathroom…well…it always remains in last place…but my heart…my soul…my spirit…my mood…brand new, sparkling clean!

As I think of these songs…they speak of His glory…His mercy…His love…but they also speak of need…fatigue…desperation…

I drove home a couple of days ago and as I looked out the dashboard window I saw such a brilliant blue sky with puffy clouds scattered about…yet when I looked at my rearview mirror I saw grayness and if I allowed my eyes to linger and look farther back…darker skies and rain…

Depending on the direction I faced different weather…yet it was the same day.  It struck me that this is very much a picture of our lives…the harshness, the trials, the disappointments yet intermingled with joys, triumphs, celebrations, smiles,good news,and  hugs all resting on the foundation of God.  The break neck speed of life and that pesky enemy is enough some days to level us…but for God…His grace…His mercy…the shelter of His wing…our refuge…our ever-present help…

If not for God we would not survive cloudy and rainy days and days that have a seemingly impenetrable depth of gray.

Our days change…even this next minute may bring change…but we can remain safe and secure knowing that Jesus Christ is the same…yesterday, today and forever!

That my friends trumps a clean house anytime! 

3 thoughts on “there was a plan…

  1. Hi Melody,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Looking forward to longer face to face conversation that just the quickie hello’s at church as well!
    Come back again!


  2. Hey Helen,
    So glad to find your blog! : ) Been sitting here reading it as I nurse and I feel like I was invited into your living room for a cup of tea….Thanks for sharing your heart.
    Shon and I are really looking forward to having you guys over during his sabattical. Want to get to know you better!


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