get your stuff together and other stuff…

get your stuff together and other stuff…

We all want…intend…strive to have a daily time with God.

Somehow, I don’t know about you but I feel like I echo Paul’s word often…I do what I don’t want to do AND I don’t do what I want to do.

I have an outburst of anger which I don’t want to do.

I neglect my time with the Lord…something I desperately want to do and need to do to avoid the above.

I have read dozens of pamphlets and chapters in books about how to have a quiet time…

What I have come to know and believe is there are two basic components to help make it happen:

  • Just Come…
    He’s there…He’s waiting…He will speak to you.
    He knows your life…your time constraints…your heart…
    He longs to meet you in your pressure crammed 5 minutes or
    in your leisurely Saturday mornings.
  • Keep It Simple…
    I have made it too hard…too many times.

The picture above is what I put together this week.  The container had been filled with contents that I hadn’t looked at in months…it’s usefulness was past due.

I gathered together what I have been using each day. 

  • My travel sized Bible…it’s small and compact…I can always go wrestle up another translation or one with more stuff in it…but this one is to the point and simple.
  • My devotionals that I am using for this season.
  • Journals…now I like to write so I have a few…the brown one is my morning pages…and it is just that…it is my messy journal that has no lines…because when I wake up…my handwriting hasn’t woken up yet…and I have large print…so here I can write huge and crazy and just try to wake up.  I also have a personal journal when my hand is less clumsy (ha), and two prayer journals for family and friends.  I feel a bit scattered these days and there are so many prayer needs that I don’t want to displace.
  • Index cards…LOVE THEM…for verses to write,  little  ideas for posts, things that the Lord prompts me to do and I might forget, even writing down something so it doesn’t distract my time with the Lord.
  • Pen and highlighter

That’s it…it is very lightweight and portable…today it was on the picnic table with me…yesterday it was next to me in the living room.  When I am done, it all goes back in the box.

Perhaps all you need is your Bible and that is great! 

Just make sure it is set out so you can grab it and go!  I suppose it is a lot like putting out your workout clothes the night before…it is easier to do it if you have your stuff together.

This morning was a leisurely Saturday morning but the Lord spoke in less than 30 seconds flat just by reading this verse:

 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

Revelation 1: 8

That has the power to change your day!

Other stuff-really random but work for a Saturday:

When did this happen?  I used to only turn my head when I heard someone call “MOM”…now I find myself turning when I hear someone say
Ma’am…how I used to cringe when a salesperson would address me that way…somehow dyeing my hair isn’t working!

How happy I was to drop my library yesterday to pick up one book only to find that there were now 3 to take home.  Oh the library dance that ensued…well, only in my head…it was a bit hot yesterday.

These three look amazing…



See a bit of a theme here…hmmm!


When we moved into our house 17 years ago, I vividly remember a friend visiting and as she surveyed the “grounds” declaring…”Well, your house and your yard definitely have moments!”

At first I was kind of offended…like she was being ultra-critical…we had barely moved in and had a baby.

But  now I realize that I was being a bit sensitive…surprise!  She was trying to tell me that even though my home and garden were not ready for their magazine close up…there were still little bits and spots that were lovely…a moment indeed.

Life is just that…all about moments.  This blog is all about moments from my life…my life desperately striving to follow hard after Jesus…and sometimes landing anywhere but in His direction.

Here are some moments from my garden:

My now faithful chocolate cosmos…beauty in the waiting

These are just moments…not the whole.  There are weeds hiding…barren ground that could use an occupant or two.  Places that scream…what was she thinking…is there any color scheme or rhyme or reason?

Someday I have blueberries on my cereal and other days, I open the carton and those blueberries are all moldy or someone took the last pour of flakes.  Those aren’t the most fun moments of the daily grind…but yet they are very much life.

My life is full of really good stuff and a lot of really hard stuff…and the latter feels like seemingly unchangeable stuff.

My spiritual life has moments of hitting a really great groove and it can wind into days of lethargy and seemingly little forward movement…there are weeds and barren places…with a bit of fruit untouched by mold.

This morning I looked up at my nasturtium baskets that have spread across both sides of the patio awnings…they are quite thrilling to me because they shouldn’t have grown at all…they were plagued by all the rains of the spring…and should I say summer as well…those seeds were swimming in more water than soil…my carefully positioned seeds (those that would trail and those that would be more erect were a lost cause to the monsoon season).  Yet somehow…those little bitty wrinkly seeds have grown and grown and spread out their tendrils reminding me that growth doesn’t always come in ideal circumstances…it can be a fight…you see, nasturtiums thrive in really poor soil…fertilize them and you will get mostly leaves…we as believers should know that we can thrive in really poor situations as well…because of what resides inside of us.

Those seeds were floating for a good long time…yet they did what they were supposed to do…they waited…they sprouted…they matured…they bloomed…they spread out…they are producing seeds which I am fighting…but nonetheless, they are doing what they are designed to do.  They are doing it with such glory.

I have struggled at times with the moments I do show on this blog…and it is apparent by the number of posts in my draft box that may never feel the push of the publish button. 

From the very start of this blog, my intention has been to show how the frailty of one girl could be fortified by the majesty of the Maker and no other way.  At times I wonder if I miss the mark pointing to myself more than to Him…I am praying about this…because I would never want anyone to be led to believe that my life in pictures and posts is all sunshine and lollipops…many times it is dark clouds and lima beans.

But what can I do…I can’t talk to many of you face to face…so I will trust that the little or the lot that you know of me reveals my heart that you would never look at me…or my little box of stuff and conclude anything other that all I am trying to do or be is one that knows whom she has believed…knowing that He is the One that holds all my stuff together…and a hearty amen to that!

Have a very blessed weekend…wherever you are…whatever you do…remember whose you are!


2 thoughts on “get your stuff together and other stuff…

  1. Miss Helen, I don’t think you point the finger at yourself too much. There is always much scripture and the Lord in your blog pieces. It is exactly the relating of your real life and struggles and how in the the end it all points to the Lord that makes people encouraged, strengthed and feeling like they are not alone in their earthly struggles.
    Isn’t that what we love in a good book how the author lets us in to their world. Either they are vulnerable with all of us or through characters we see ourselves and are pulled into the story.
    Love you bunches, kimz


  2. CJ’s sermon this morning was Psalm 42…. right on time LORD, my “spiritual gift” (as one man said this morning) is worry… when I know that I know… Why so down cast o my soul, I put my trust in God! Thankful for His Word and friends like you. We understand more each day, never at His level but He knows the desire of our hearts. We are praising Him, trusting HIm, knowing His abiding presence can and will always will sustain us…even on those days when we don’t understand the cirmumstances. xo


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