Resurrection in May…

Resurrection in May…

I don’t read a lot of fiction.  In fact, I don’t read a lot of Christian fiction.

When I read the following description of Lisa Samson’s newest novel, I had to admit I was a bit intrigued:

May Seymour graduated from college with the world at her feet and no idea what to do with it. A mission trip to Rwanda brought her a sense of purpose in loving others. So when the genocide began she chose to remain in the village, which was subsequently slaughtered. Only May survived.

So, May journeyed to heal on the farm of Claudius Borne, a sweet, innocent old man who understood plants and animals far better than people.

Years later, having not stepped a foot off Claudius’ farm, May learns an old college flame, now a death-row inmate, is refusing to appeal his sentence. Can she convince him to grab hold of life once again? Their surprising friendship turns the tables, for the prisoner, Eli Campbell, has a deeper faith from which to draw than she. Eli slowly begins to pull May from her cloistered existence. With the help of Eli, their tiny town, and ultimately a renewal of faith, May comes to life once again.

I used the Thomas Nelson’s book description because I don’t want to give away any other details.  I was a bit skeptical that this author could weave a story that had so many aspects and many seemingly unrelated.

I must admit, this book was an “easy” read although at times very sad and poignant.  It was also a page turner and yet I also had to set it aside for a bit as I absorbed the horrors of the genocide.  It also caused me to think about my life and what I allow to get in the way of living with abandon.

There is redemption in this book, of which I am always glad but it doesn’t come in the package that you might imagine or even expect.

 I think that is precisely why this was simply a good book.  Perhaps I will read a bit more fiction…and Christian fiction at that.

Thomas Nelson provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I am grateful for the opportunity.

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