family bike ride…

family bike ride…

When Carl and I moved to Portland from Minnesota in 1988, we were completely enamored with our new surroundings.  We loved being in the outdoors and how active everyone seemed.

I got the itch to buy a bike.  We were on a very tight budget (not that much has changed) even though we were both working full-time but we were also paying a lot of school loans.  I saved my money and added it with some unexpected Christmas money and bought the periwinkle bike you see next to the wee one.  That was in January of 1989 and I had that bike roughly a month and I found out I was pregnant…I was so sick that I didn’t get on that bike for quite a while.

Over the years, Carl has wanted a bike and he just never found the right time to purchase one.  Over the last few years, I have told him he must buy a bike…he works for a healthcare company that is all about thriving and backs it up by giving their employees a health allowance…basically unless he was frivolous he could get a bike paid for him because it promotes healthy living.

Each year on our anniversary, I am sure we aren’t unique but we take a look back and a look forward.  We dream a little and we reflect.  The most consistent item that seems to be returned to year after year especially for Carl is this sense that he thought we would do more sports/activities together.  I will admit, at times this assertion kind of bugged me…because in my estimation with our skill sets and sizes, I feel like I have done quite well…I have played on volleyball teams, golf tournaments, racquetball, tennis, and hiked.  I could write my list of things that I wished that Carl had done with me as well…but I am realizing that is fruitless and only causes both of us to be resentful.  Resentment and bitterness are not the right fuel to bring closeness in a marriage…in case you were wondering.

So instead of keeping score, I have decided to say yes more often even when I am tired and would rather read a book.

Carl did buy a  bike a couple of weeks ago and he and Caleb have been constant companions and he has taken a few solo rides as well.

Tonight we decided to take a family bike ride after dinner.  Unfortunately the reason you don’t see Carl’s bike in the picture is that he found he had a flat…and rode Carlen’s bike…and yes, this fact did threaten to derail the whole idea…but cooler heads prevailed.

What a beautiful evening it was…and what a nice memory that I hope turns into a habit.

One thought on “family bike ride…

  1. Hi Helen! SOunds great! Biking and hiking are two family “sports” that we can all do together. We haven’t done a family bike ride in a while, so hoping that you will inspire me/us! Let us know if/WHEN you go again!


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