Hands-On Bible…and a giveaway…

Hands-On Bible…and a giveaway…

I was given a complimentary copy of the recently updated Hands On Bible by Tyndale House Publishers and agreed to write a review.

I was going to write a review but first I had to find this Bible.  Where did I find it you might ask?  I found it on my 6-year-old son Caleb’s night table.

As soon as I opened the parcel with this Bible enclosed, my son has taken it as his own.  He loves that it is a chunky paperback  and brightly colored.  This Bible is the complete text in the New Living Translation.

He opened the Bible and as he thumbed through it, he kept saying,


He used the table of contents to help him find where a verse he was working on for church was located.  I left him for a few minutes and found that he was looking up every reference in his memory verse book and was reading each one.

He liked the illustrations and the neat maps.  He liked that there are activities all through the Bible and colorful charts. 

I like that this Bible is packed with references including a dictionary and a concordance. There are several sections with color pages of extra content. I don’t think that you could ever come to the end of all the activities to do within the Bible itself.  The cover shows that this is a Bible to mark up and enjoy.

The Bible also has a website that has family devotions, Bible reading plans, scripture songs and a parent’s forum.

I believe this Bible is geared to the 9-12 year old set but as you can see younger children will enjoy it especially if they are reading.  This is a Bible that will grow with your child and not only be “hands on” but something that will reside in their hands for years to come.

I feel blessed to have this Bible and Tyndale is extending the blessing to you as well.

I have one certificate for a free Hands On Bible to be redeemed at your local Christian bookstore or mailed into Tyndale House Publishers.

I feel like no one is out there…it’s summer after all.  But I am going to say…the first comment I receive indicating they would like this Bible…it’s yours!

Thank you Tyndale House Publishers!

4 thoughts on “Hands-On Bible…and a giveaway…

  1. Hey, Helen! Sounds like Rachel might enjoy that! 🙂 Sounds like a very fun Bible…anything to get God’s word to be exciting for our kids! Maybe there should be one for adults. 🙂


  2. Hooray…someone is out there! Had I known the first comment would be you…I would have brought the certificate to you in person this morning. I hope that Rachel will enjoy it!
    Have a blessed week!


  3. I read your blog faithfully, friend…i just don’t always comment, but am always encouraged by your thoughts. 🙂


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