who knew?

who knew?


  • One tired mom
  • Temperatures above 80 degrees
  • Lacking imagination
  • Payday is at a distance…especially after vacation

Who knew that calling this week’s worth of menus…Helen’s Wonderful Week of Sandwiches would be greeted by wide eyes and smiles?

One would have thought that I had told my family that we were eating out all week or better yet a private chef was coming to take over the dinner duty.

So if you face a dilemma such as mine…try a catchy theme…it might just give you a few days to come up with the next plan of action!

Here’s what we are having tonight:

Festive Roast Beef Sandwiches ( I have no idea what they are called…but that’s what they are called  tonight!)

Roast Beef
Kaiser Rolls or Pub Rolls
Cucumber Slices
Carrot shreds or grated
Ranch Dressing (full fat, no fat or anything in between)

Lightly spread dressing on each side of rolls, assemble as follows:

carrots, cucumbers, roast beef, provolone, roast beef.

How easy is that?  I forgot to buy provolone this time but I think we will survive.

This week I plan to pair each sandwich with lots of fruit and veggies…later in the week I will probably add some tortilla chips and make some guacamole…my favorite is just mashed avocado with a little sea salt and a squeeze of lime…the avocado is the star! 

Don’t forget the lemonade!

What are you eating these days to beat the heat and brain drain?

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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