Some days I feel like it…

If I am honest…most days I don’t…

But mornings where I break the habit of the snooze button are rich.

A little morning times means the full length of my day is better…no matter what comes at me from all sides…I have been fortified.

I suppose that is the nature of this journey of life…day in and day out…it’s called being faithful…perhaps that is one of the little things that He talks about in the gospels.

It is a little thing to get up and greet the morning with the Savior…a little thing wrapped up in hugeness…a small piece of time spent with the One who made the universe…that’s quite an invitation wouldn’t you say?

This morning I turned my morning time upside down a bit.

I can become such a creature of habit.

I took out my devotional…which has a short passage of exhortation followed by a few scriptures.  I always read them as a 1-2 punch.

Today I started here instead…

Psalm 119: 33-40

I underlined all the action words…I forgot to bring along my index cards outside so I just wrote in my journal and prayed through each verse.  I did the same with the second scripture which was Psalm 32:8.

What a sweet time with the Lord…then it was time to read the exhortation which I always enjoy.  It was different from the thoughts that sprung into my mind and stirred my spirit but that is the way it should be.

Once again God is reminding me of the value of being present and savoring His Word…to know Him better.

  I have to dig…I can’t be lazy and let someone else tell me what He is saying…I need to hear what He is saying to me for that particular day…tomorrow it may be far different.

For today, I heard His voice and got my marching orders for the day.

It remained…the residue of the morning…just like dew…His Word copied down later in the day…to remind, remember and remain.

It’s a long journey…but a good one. 

What can you do differently this week as you spend time with the Lord?

He longs to be found by you and me in different ways…let Him capture your heart and soul!

2 thoughts on “journey…

  1. Thank you Helen! Now, I will go have my time with the Lord…and see what He will say to me…
    love you,


  2. Thank you for the words “it is a little thing to get up and greet the morning with the Savior.” This is so true-the personal cost IS so small compared to the immense blessing. Oh that I would remember that!


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