just a wee bit heartbroken…

just a wee bit heartbroken…

It’s my fault…

I walked to the library on Saturday and talked to one of my favorite librarians about how I can’t use my library card at the self-service check out anymore.  The bar code had gotten a few space interruptions.  She said I could always get a new card and I replied that it was my badge…it is an old card…I have had it since we moved to Portland…now 22 years ago.

She laughed and said that there were a few like me…that won’t give up their grey cards in favor of the white ones.

We chatted about a few other topics and I stuck my card in my gym pants and headed home.

Today…I found my card…on the dryer…bearing  quite a few gaps in the bar code…

Do you think it is time to abandon the old and get on with the new?

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