4 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Summer Memory?

  1. I love where your blog takes me… goals and things to look forward too! I have a favorite summer memory but its too long ago… I’m ready for a NEW summer memory! All the seasons are good but summer has a bit of an edge to first place!


  2. Hey Chris…

    I LOVE that…even though mine is just a year ago…I am aiming for a new one that may not replace it in my heart and soul but rival it…let’s dream together!

    You are right…summer has a way of rising to the top…but I need to remember not to put too much pressure on summer being BIGGER and BETTER…otherwise…a letdown is inevitable…

    Cheers to embracing memories…the simple and the sublime!


  3. The first time I was able to take my 2 young boys to see N.Y. Mets baseball game. It was free Jacket day so the crowds and the traffic was enormous. I had purchased my tickets in advance so I wasn’t worried about getting our seats.We had stayed at my mothers house in Brooklyn hoping to beat the traffic from New Jersey and Brooklyn,but unfortunetly the traffic in Brooklyn was stop and go. The game had already started and we were still on the road. It was so bad that people parked their cars on the grass at the exit of the Belt Parkway. We did the same and walked to the ballpark.
    When we finally got into the ballpark we found that someone had taken our seats. We informed the ushers and the people told the ushers you get us our seats and we will give them their seats. The usher spoke to one of the managers and the managers gave us tickets to a future game and told us to find any seats that were available in the park and enjoy the rest of the game.
    While my children were enjoying their first game I was wondering if I had any parking tickets on my car,or if my car was being towed or stolen. Fotunetly neither happened but to see my 2 young boys enjoying their 1st baseball game bought me great happiness.


  4. What a great summer memory…so glad it all ended well too! Baseball and boys seem to go together very well. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful memory and perhaps it will make me be more compassionate when my husband switches between a couple channels to watch baseball games!


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