the winner…guess what? you are ALL winners…

the winner…guess what? you are ALL winners…

Okay…I am feeling happy!

I have a slight spring in my step!

Why you ask…could it be:

  •  It is actually sunny and it is going to be this way for days in a row!
  • I have watered my plants…that has not been a job that has needed to done since monsoon season!
  • Courtney and I felt the burn this morning doing this.  Two sweat covered gals…Court said…let’s do this again tomorrow…and I am game…so it could be that I have endorphins coursing through my body.
  • The US won an incredible game against Algeria this morning in World Cup…so exciting!
  • I have wonderful readers!

All of the above!

Just so you know…the odds of winning a giveaway on this blog are pretty good…I entered a giveaway yesterday and there were hundreds of comments…I appreciate each comment and especially when you share a tidbit about yourself.

I loved reading your magazine and book finds…my list keeps getting longer.

I realized that I didn’t add any of my books…so I will remedy that now!

I will be honest…I have a stack  of books…but I am just taking them one at a time because summer should not have any unneeded pressure…we shall see what gets finished and what remains. 

Here are just a few…historical fiction…a classic…juvenile fiction…a letter.

Redeeming Love

The Common Sense Teaching of the Bible by Hannah Whitall Smith

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Colossians-I read this post  a couple of days ago and it seemed to fit into this year (hopefully my life) that has been about savoring God’s Word to know Him more…I am going to spend awhile in this book…reading it…contemplating it…praying through it…and then trying to live it.

Okay…kudos if you read this whole post without scrolling down to see who won…

Since I am in such a joyful mood…I want everyone to have a little summer fun…so if you are one of the four that didn’t win the “big” prize…I would like to still send you something.

Email me at wassuphelen at yahoo dot com  and tell me whether summer joy comes to  you by:

 digging in the  dirt


 a cold treat

 Here are the entries…held by Miss Courtney.

Here is the winner…

Congratulations Rachel…please send your address to my email…thanks for reading A Work of Heart.

To Cher, Kierstan, Jen and Tammy…send me an email with the answer to your choice of summer fun and I will send a little sunshine your way as well.

Swimming lessons await…happy summer!



5 thoughts on “the winner…guess what? you are ALL winners…

  1. Thank you so much!!!! Please let me know where to email you. I can’t seem to find an email addy for you,could you email me?? Thanks so much! Bless you!


  2. The Mysterious Benedict Society is a very fun book! Rachel & I read it earlier this year…I would like to read #2 with her this summer, but we shall see. 🙂


  3. Hi Helen!
    Soren just finished The Mysterious Benedict Society! And, I have Hannah Whitall Smith on my list, recommended my my favorite prof at sem: Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life (written in the 1870’s) and The Unselfishness of God: My Spiritual Biography (1890s). I had just read over my “everything” notebook from last year, looking for something, and ran across those titles.

    Enjoy! (I have to get caught up on your blog and see what the other summer reading suggestions are!)


  4. You are most welcome Cher!

    Yippee Rachel…I hope you enjoy the magazine and subscription…and I hope you got my email…let me know if you missed it.

    Hey Barb…Courtney devoured the books when they first came out and I have been meaning to read them…perhaps Rachel could borrow #2 for something fun after camp?!

    Hey Karen…I have read one of the above titles by H.W. Smith…it’s a very old copy as is the one I am starting…I have had it forever…bought it from an used book store…we will have to compare thoughts the next time we chat!


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