summer solstice GIVEAWAY…

summer solstice GIVEAWAY…

It is actually sunny this morning and Caleb begins swimming lessons!  He keeps asking at EXACTLY what time are we going to go and buy him some new googles…he is excited…which when it comes to swimming lessons…that is a very good thing.

Perhaps summer is really here in Oregon…just maybe.

I hope that where ever you are today…that it is sunny or that the sun is trying to make an appearance!

In honor of summer and the longest day of summer, I want to give away one subscription to one of my favorite magazines.  This magazine makes me happy…the pictures are amazing and there are not many adds…it always gets me excited to cook something new, go deeper with the Lord or just take a moment to breath deeply. I also like that it a quarterly magazine.  Definitely a magazine to throw in your beach bag. 

Here’s the magazine:

life:beautiful magazine

This is the current issue for spring…A lot of Christian publications have gone under over the past few years and I want to do my wee little part to support these shiny periodicals.

I will send the winner this issue so you have something in your hands until your subscription begins.

Leave me a comment telling me the following:

  • Your favorite magazine  and
  • What  is on your summer reading list

It’s an opportunity to share with one another as we dive into summer…aren’t you curious what other people are reading…I know I am!

If you are feeling reading challenged…then just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite thing to do on a sunny day.

I will pick a winner on Wednesday  just before Caleb’s swimming lesson…so let’s say by 4:30 pm PST.

Time for me to see a store about some goggles!

Happy Summer Solstice!

8 thoughts on “summer solstice GIVEAWAY…

  1. I like food network magazine, not because I am a great cook, but just because it inspires me that one day perhaps, I can be a better cook. I also love any magazines about card making. This summer is looking a little non-descript, so I am just looking forward to getting sunshine two days in a row. That would be a treat! Thanks for the chance to win…this magazine looks really great!


  2. Hi Helen,

    This sounds fun!
    This summer I am reading:

    “In the Land of Believers: An Outsider’s Extraordinary Journey Into the Heart of the Evangelical Church” by Gina Welch.

    “The Church of Facebook: How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community” by Jesse Rice

    “Crosstalk: Where Like and Scripture Meet” by Michael R. Emlet

    *I don’t read fiction so the list may sound boring to some. 🙂

    The only magazine I read is “World” but I really like “Fine Gardening.”

    There you go!


  3. I love Birds and Blooms mag. I do not have much of a reading list since chasing babies around gives me time to read a magazine here and there. Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. i really like bible study magazine i have only gotten about 4 or 5 so far but i like the feel of the paper, the font/style =) and the articles have been great. and now, i believe I will be ordering this magazine too. great recommendation.

    summer reading: whew, my list is long. really really long but here is the first official book of summer:
    i have had this book on my to read list for i think 3-4 years: Journey of Desire by John Eldridge. i started it yesterday and finished the first chapter in a breeze…it was good. fabulous way to end the first DAY of summer.

    Helen, thank you for reminding me about your blog. Have a fabulous day, enjoy swim lessons…and I hope we all have some sunshine to enjoy.

    See you soon,


  5. I have been a long time subscriber to Good Housekeeping. I also get Taste of Home.

    I have to finish Karen Kingsbury’s latest series with “Take 4” I have the final 2 in a series by Wanda Brunstetter to read as well. I read for enjoyment rather than enrichment.

    It is sunny today! Hurray!!! I’ll see you soon.



  6. Here is one thing I really like about summer: I’m sitting in my ‘girl room’ and the window is open. I can hear the birds singing while it is still dark. We all know the sun is about to rise and it’s just after 4am. = ) Just me and the birds…peaceful.

    One more thing I love about summer is watering my flowers. It too is relaxing and just peaceful.

    Have a wonderful weekend…



  7. ok so i am just catching up on email’s so I just finished Winter Garden by Kristian Hannah. you know me and the female relationship books. Next is a biography of Emily Post. I love the Kenton library’s all new books for 3 weeks shelves. I have read a lot of great books from there. That is Molly and I’s favorite spot these days beside our deck with a fresh cup of java, listening to the birds with our faces to the sun!!!!!
    I love my new food network magazine and look forward to the mail box.
    When i am going on a road trip i read Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour love looking at the fabulous clothes.


  8. Thanks you all…you gave me so many great titles…and such a full spectrum at that!
    I hope you all enjoy many leisurely afternoons with your nose hidden by a good book!


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