Searching For God Knows What…

Searching For God Knows What…

It has taken me awhile to finish this book and to know what to write for this review.

Donald Miller wrote this book after his best-selling book Blue Like Jazz.  It has been described as memoir of sorts surrounding the topic of the origin and meaning of redemption.  The book that I read has been completely revised and redesigned.  This is the first book by Miller that I have read.  Although I have wanted to read one of his books since he lives in Portland.  This was a fun aspect of reading the book and recognizing so many locations.

I found the first chapter hysterical and it sets the stage for what Miller writes about for the remainder of the book.  His exhortation is that the Church has trivialized the gospel message into a short series of ideas and formulas.  Jesus is all about being relational and not about bullet points to adhere to and check off.

If you have ever been told that you should give a book time to develop…I would say that you could apply that mind-set to this book.  Miller is quite masterful in developing an idea in such a subtle way that you may feel lost as to where he is going and then WHAM…you are stunned by the  profound weaving of an idea brought to life on the page.  He does a wonderful job of providing a thread of metaphors that become a finished piece of fabric at book’s end.

I did not agree with everything that Donald Miller wrote about but I don’t expect that he would be offended by that admission.   I think he really wants the reader to be spurred to think a bit deeper. I really enjoyed his vulnerability, his glimpses of  conversations with friends, mentors and people along the way. It made me wonder how often I have conversations that are just a rehashing of the same message.   Am I bold enough to ask difficult questions and perhaps begin a debate?  I feel like I was challenged to read my Bible in a different way especially after reading chapter 4 entitled Free Verse. 

 I must say that  liked this book.  At times it made me laugh out loud and at other times it made me think.  I was surprised that there were times that it brought tears to my eyes.  Those tears were in the places where I was re-introduced to a Savior that at times can become ordinary when He is anything but ordinary.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson as part of the Book Sneeze blog review program.  It has been my pleasure to write an honest review of the book I received.

3 thoughts on “Searching For God Knows What…

  1. Maybe I didn’t give Blue Like Jazz a chance… My friends dad who’s in his 80’s love Blue Like Jazz. He’s a retired Baptist minister, I was shocked that he liked it so much. He bought me a copy… I loaned it to Wanda … can’t believe I can’t think of her last name! ….Bobbie and Wanda… They’re so well known they don’t need last names! : )


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