June: Status Report

June: Status Report

Sitting:  Out in the sun at the picnic table.

Drinking:  Just about to indulge in some lemonade…it always taste  better on a sunny day.

Feeling:  Tired but content.

Realizing:  That the year still has half left to live…celebrate…dance…enjoy…see I try to be a glass half full kind of
                      gal…make mine half full of lemonade.

Basking:  In my heritage.  Yesterday was a glorious day of celebrating my grandmother’s homegoing complete 
                   with blue skies and breathtaking Mt. Ranier.  My brother and I looked at each other and once again sighed
                   when we think of the blessing of family we have…grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended
                    family and family by marriage…in some ways it is like winning the lottery.

Pondering:  Ephesians 2: 10…that we are God’s workmanship…another word is we are His masterpiece.
                         Do I live in the knowledge that God considers me a masterpiece?  Do my words about myself relay this?
                         Do my words about others declare this knowledge?

                         Also Hebrews 12: 1-2…there is a race that is marked out for us.  I visualize this as a track that has lanes
                         and we each get to be in one of those lanes.  I must stay in my lane…the one that is marked out just for                          me.  I can’t cut off other people’s lanes because their lane is not mine.  I might think theirs looks cleaner 
                        than mine but I shrug that off and fix my eyes on Jesus…because He is waiting at the finish line.  This
                        race is going to take lots of perseverance…there will be potholes, stray rocks and such…Satan will try to
                        trip us up at every turn of the track but we must give him the elbow and not let him break our strides…  
                        just keep looking to Jesus.  We may get weary…we may find hardship but we keep our eyes on Jesus and
                        remember that He kept His eyes on the joy that was set before Him as He endured the pain and agony of
                        the Cross…that was the lane that was marked for Him…we have a lane that is marked out just for us as

Reflecting:  My 2010 words…Present. Soak. Savor. Know.  
                         These four words have changed the landscape of my life with the Lord.  I have learned SO much about
                         being present to Him and what He is whispering to me…His marching orders…His promises…His
                         courage.  He has also helped me slow down and be more present with others…not rushing so much that
                         I don’t see the face of one in need…even if it is just to give a smile or a hug.  I have learned a lot just by 
                         taking God’s Word in small bits and chunks…not being so concerned that a certain amount each day is 
                         the “right way” to spend time with Him.  
                         Somehow in being present in as many ways as possible, I have learned more about who I am in Christ.
                         I can’t really explain it but I feel more at home with me…like soaking and savoring my time with
                         Him has helped me to see my identity in Christ and that He made me…and to rejoice in His handiwork.
                         When I am myself…powered by the Holy Spirit…I give Him glory…just by letting that part of me be
                         known and seen.  I  may have always known this  but I feel like I am experiencing it for the first
                         time.  When I take God at His Word…walking into who He says I am…I have learned to trust Him more
                         than I ever have before…even when there is not a shred of solid ground beneath me.

                         Many years ago, someone spoke a word into my life complete with a scripture that I love…it has been
                         such a rich blessing to see that  word declared awhile back, when my life felt full of ashes and not 
                         a lot of blooms or fruit, is starting to take shape.

                         Has God given you any words that He is using to shape your year?  Your life?  Are there any word or
                         scriptures from the past that you need to revisit and remind yourself what God has for you?

Reading:     I have a chapter left of  this book  and will post a review soon…then I can start  this book… I think I am
                          the only person that hasn’t read it and EVERYONE seems to number this as their favorite book by this
                          author…I am so ready for a good book now that summer is actually looking like a reality.

Hearing:        The oven buzzer…it’s dinner time!  I hope you are having or had a blessed Sunday!

This post has a format issue…it looks nothing like the tight post that I see on my page to publish…I am too tired to figure it out…so bear with me…it looks a bit funky but perhaps it is supposed to be that way…ha!

2 thoughts on “June: Status Report

  1. Helps me to know (see the evidence) of the love of the Father in your family. Praise Him. I love you sister.


  2. so happy to hear that you enjoyed a relaxing and beautiful day. Days full of God’s perspective are always the best aren’t they? I am learning from the things that you are learning. Thanks for sharing so openly.


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