It’s hot…today…

It’s hot…today…

It’s hot outside…in fact, I haven’t heard the official but the  van said 83 degrees…so I am figuring around 80 degrees…

We are celebrating…because you never know when this hot spell will leave us…I heard gone after Sunday…shhhhh!

So here are a few evidences of our embracing the heat and longing for summer:

It’s blurry…just couldn’t get Caleb to slow down…gotta eat that huge berry quick!

Ahhh…time for sundresses…

My sunflowers are stretching towards the sun…

Caleb’s watermelon seeds are ready to be thinned and in
some more dirt…

Mother’s Day blooms just keep on going…our house has
smelled divine all week…

Nothing like an edged yard…it’s green…for now!

It’s getting close to planting time…

A tall cool one deserved by the man who did all
that yard work today…

He deserved this too…notice the box of flowers still
yet to plant…also some heirloom tomatoes too…but
maybe not just yet.

No explanation needed…let’s fire up the grill…

Sometimes two are better than one…I lost my sun
glasses this morning…prior to a field trip…bought a
pair of Foster Grants no less and Courtney found my
tried and true pair before she sat on them…oops!

I hope wherever you are that you will find plenty of
reasons to put on your shades and enjoy the sights,
sounds, and tastes of spring…

Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “It’s hot…today…

  1. Man, I LOVED the weather today! And, LOVE your pictures–they do tell the story!!! Very cool…especially the shades! And, your plantings look lovely!


  2. I spent so much time out in the sunshine and doing yard work (but I loved it!) that I didn’t even check my computer. I loved your photos. 🙂


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