a random thought on prayer…

a random thought on prayer…

Last week, I happened to pull out a stack of paper secured by a large metal clip from one of my shelves.  The top page was quite yellowed with age.

It was pages taken from My Partner Prayer Notebook that I used many years ago.

  If you are not familiar with this little binder, it was  developed by Becky Tiribassi  and it is a wonderful  aid in developing the discipline of  writing daily prayers.  I used it for years and I still use some of the structure even today.  I am not sure when I started using this guide but it was sometime in the ’80’s.  I have had the pleasure to hear Becky speak several times (she is quite a kick)  and I always came away with increased passion for prayer

The pages that I looked through were from the late 90’s.  It was amazing to me to look at my handwriting and to see what scriptures I was using to praise God.  It was also nice to see that many days I never even got to specific prayer request because there was a lot to praise the Lord about…unfortunately there was also a lot to confess as well…in which case I told Carl that perhaps I should burn these before I perish…hmmm.

I did read a lot of prayers…prayers for my husband, for my kids, for my friends and my family.  Requests that I could not even remember all the details but yet they were lifted to Him.

What struck my random thoughts today is that prayer matters.

Prayer matters to God…it matters to me.

Reading just this small stack of papers in relation to all the prayers that I have uttered, whispered or even ones that would not rise beyond my throat have been heard by Him.  He has heard them all…even the unspoken ones…He has considered them all…they aren’t on a shelf covered in dust and yellowed and faded…they are very near to Him.  He is praying right along with me.

This filled me with such hope because there is no way that I can remember every prayer that I have prayed…all the scriptures that I have claimed and prayed over those I love…but they have been said…and they matter.


“Let my prayer be counted as incense before you,
and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!”

Psalm 141: 2


Sometimes…many times for me…we don’t have the words to express to  so many who  are going through rough patches…but we can pray…it is enough…it matters because it touches the heart of God…it inhabits His realm with the fragrance of incense.

  Don’t give up…keep on praying…keep your appointment with God…it matters…it matters very much.


p.s.  if you have left me a comment…always check back…I have been commenting back to you within your comments…unless you have made me blush…and  then I just grin because of  your sweetness. 

One thought on “a random thought on prayer…

  1. Hi Helen,

    I love that you put in pics of the book covers. And I love that you have your prayers, even some of them. I have been looking through a lot of “stuff” and finding journals and prayers and personal writing is an interesting, to say the least, blast from the past….sometimes it shows me that I have grown and sometimes that I’m thinking about the same things (or topics) that I was years ago….I especially like it when I find scriptures that I wrote out ages ago…the Lord’s words still bless me today….
    Blessings and love,

    Amen to still working on the same thing…still today…ugh…but love is a process!
    So glad you are liking the book covers and the reviews…it has been fun…a couple books will be coming up once they arrive…oh how I love books!


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