Friendship for Grown-Ups…

Friendship for Grown-Ups…

I received a copy of Lisa Whelchel’s newest book Friendship for Grown-Ups:  What I Missed & Learned Along the Way from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

I was delighted to read this book.  I enjoyed Lisa Whelchel when she played Blair on the television show The Facts of Life and for several years I read her weekly journal called Coffee Talk.  In fact, she wrote an entry on my birthday no less four years ago that was the catalyst to birth this blog.  I have always enjoyed her candid writing, her zest for life and also her abiding walk with the Lord.

One glance at the cover of this book might lead you to think that as an actress, a pastor’s wife and a sought after speaker that Lisa Whelchel would easily wade through life with friendships beyond measure.  This is hardly the case.  Lisa explains that she did not learn how to make friends as a child the way most do.  Once Lisa reached adulthood, she realized that she lacked friendships that were deep soul connections.

  This book is a very honest and soul baring look at how Lisa learned to make friendships as an adult.  She shares many personal stories related to the ups and downs of friendship as well as a season in her life where God stripped away her  protective shield against  being fully known in relationships.  She shares about the need to have friends that are safe as well as the different types of friends that we all need.  Lisa includes questions at the end of the book for discussion or personal reflection.  There are also sections at end that include conversation prompts to aid in building new friendships as well as ideas to help strengthen friendships based on many areas discussed in the book.

I liked this book a lot. I read it over the course of a few hours.  It is very readable and I found that I was engrossed  in Lisa’s experiences and found aspects where I related.   At times I wanted to grab a kleenex and cry with Lisa over times of rejection.  We have all felt that pain at one time.  Reading this book gave me pause to think about the kind of friend that I am and want to be.   This book also  supplied great suggestions in establishing new and strengthening existing friendships.   This is a great book for anyone who is a friend, has a friend or longs to have deep Christ like friendships.

As a blogger for, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


3 thoughts on “Friendship for Grown-Ups…

  1. Our friends are so important. Good to be reminded not to take them for granted and to look for ways to cultivate more and lasting companionships. I am thankful Helen to call you friend. xo

    I am so thankful to call you friend as well.


  2. You certainly can’t judge a book by its cover. 😉 Thank you for sharing this generous review as I’d love to read it. This reminds me of my study verse (2 Corinthians 7:7) this morning.

    Oh Jess…how I have missed you…I feel like we were newbie bloggers together. Let me know if you want me to send the book your way…I will.


  3. Thanks for this book recommendation – someone came to mind that would be interested in it. She has struggled with making friends all her life. Friends are so important – we don’t need a lot but we some who we can truly be real and honest with – who love us as we are. It is rare to find as I’m discovering. Especially among women there is so much compeition, jealousy and insecurities.


    Hi Rachel and welcome…thanks for visiting and commenting. You are so right…friendships are so important and if we have had a few bumps in the road it can be really difficult to allow our hearts to be open to seek relationships that are the types our souls are yearning for…we are all such fallen creatures…may we learn to walk in grace and love for one another…you didn’t leave a blog address…I would love to visit your site too.


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