As you would probably guess since I love to write that I also like keeping journals besides this online blog.

I don’t have to guess that many people do not like to journal at all.

Many years ago, I oh so artistically (ha) decorated the front of a hardbound sketch book to give as a gift to a friend.

She loved the cover design…but as I found out later…she never used it.

Why…because writing things down isn’t really her thing…it’s my thing.  I’m the one that marks  up my Bible…she doesn’t not…it’s too distracting.  We can agree to disagree.

God made us differently and this is a rich and glorious fact.

Journaling is not for everyone but it can have its value…sometimes when our minds are filled with so many details we need a release…taking a few moments to write the contents of our heads down helps…tremendously.

I ran across this 5 day journal project from Becky Tirabassi (who has journaled her prayers for 26 years)  and thought I would pass it on…you don’t even have to use a journal…if the thought of journaling makes you  break out in a sweat…don’t call it that…just take 5 segments of time, a sheet of paper and write out a few thoughts…you  might be glad you did!  Or just pick one…see what happens…if you don’t like to write…why not type it on the computer.

DAY 1.  Grateful/thankful Journal.  On one page, list everything that comes to mind.
DAY 2.  Dream Journal.  What is a dream in your heart that won’t go away?
DAY 3.  Action Journal.  What big or small “to-do’s” come to mind.  Make a list.
DAY 4.  Brainstorm Journal about an unresolved problem.  No idea is a bad idea.  List every idea on one sheet.
DAY 5.  Prayer Journal.  Talk to God about someone who needs His help.  


I saw this quote today:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Sometimes it can be scary to write out our dreams…sometimes it is easy to push our dreams off into the future.  Tackle day two if nothing else…it’s fun to dream even if it is for your eyes only…life can get so serious…dream a little.

If you need more of a pep talk…here’s a post  from way back all about dreams.  I think I might just need to re-read it myself.


Have a blessed and word filled day!

4 thoughts on “journaling…smournaling…

  1. Can I put in an order for a journal custom embellished by you?? I PROMISE I will use it!


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