sore spots…

sore spots…

“Do not fret

 or have any anxiety about anything,

 but in every circumstance

 and in everything,

 by prayer and petition (definite requests),

 with thanksgiving,

 continue to make your wants known to God.

  And God’s peace

 [shall be yours,

 that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ,

 and so fearing nothing from God

 and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is,

 that peace]

 which transcends all understanding

 shall garrison

 and mount guard

 over your hearts

 and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4: 6-7 (AMP)


I have a sore spot.

Sometimes I have more than one sore spot.

These sore spots are  signals.

They signal that my body is absorbing my worry…my stress…my unrest.

They signal that I am assuming the position of one that falsely believes I am in charge.

They alert my body to what my mind is doing…too often…without ceasing.

The interesting part is that one of these spots resides where my gallbladder used to be housed.

The other where my capable surgeon gained access to my body and removed the culprit.

The past couple of months saw the return of  that nagging pain as concern for the failing health of loved ones mounted.

But these last couple of  weeks…the sore spots have multiplied and at times seemed to take possession of one side of my  body…an old enemy reared its head and gave notice.  The power of stress in the flesh.

What if someone told me that the vice grip of life doesn’t have to be experienced this way?

My friend Paul told the Philippians just that so many years ago and thankfully those words are not an empty echo to me…to you…to all believers in Christ.

Paul reminds me that I am not to fret or have any anxiety about anything…ANY.  THING.

He tells me that in everything and in every circumstance I am to pray…tell God all of it…every bit of  what troubles me…but I am to pray with an attitude of thanksgiving…that can be hard.

Paul continues by saying to continue to make my wants known to God…perhaps each and every time I feel a twinge it is a reminder to practice unbroken conversation with Him…continuing to turn over my burdens to Him…empty clenched fists replaced by the beauty of open hands fit for Him to fill.

Even though I may feel a bit redundant…God must find  this is to His liking as Paul says that God will flood me with an unexplainable peace…that will be the balm  my sore spots need as peace positions itself over my heart and within my mind.  This peace changes everything…it causes my soul to be at rest knowing that I am eternally His…and it casts out fear about what God allows into my life…and it provides contentment with my life…the earthly lot where I find myself.

I shouldn’t have sore spots in the places I do…those are spots where a problem was solved…the pain should end.

I have problems…I tend to worry. 

The problem goes away…I am freed from worry.

Could it be that worry is my attempt to cut out the problem but pain is not minimized it is multiplied?

Worry surgically removes the Physician.

Prayer causes the Healer to prescribe peace.

I have a sore spot.

Sometimes I have more than one sore spot.

But there is ONE that can touch each and every sore spot and bring me peace…such marvelous peace.

Father, forgive me that I am so slow to learn.  Help me to replace the habit of worry with prayer…thankful prayer.












5 thoughts on “sore spots…

  1. … as much younger say… “I feel you”… or I feel your sore spots and why LORD why do we “run” to worry…. the good news is we have the opportunity to read your thoughts. xoxo


  2. loved it. philippians 4 is one of my favs…i need to write this one out this week…and continually present my own worries (hey, God must hear a LOT of worries…), so there is a chance of replacing worries with prayer and ultimately with peace….


  3. so insightful…i love this tying of the physical with the work of the Holy Spirit. you are already turning pain to gift by using the pain to remind you to pray. beautiful.


  4. I’m with you in the sore spots. Paul is right…be anxious for nothing.

    I’m getting ready to move my mother to a nursing home and it is very stressful. My daughter is in a relationship that I’m not too excited about. And my husband has just gotten over a 6 month illness and over a year out of work.

    Lots of sore spots…they start in the mind and make their way out in all parts of my body.

    I must give up my “so called” control and allow God to take them.

    Thanks for your blog.



  5. Chris…I know…why the run to worry when we can run to the One who frees us from worry…but we’re learning right?!

    Karen…Philippians is so full of how I would love my life with God to be characterized…I am joining you in pondering the 4th chapter too…so glad we have an enormous God who isn’t fazed by all our worries.

    Tonia…these are the times where praying without ceasing makes a lot of sense and seems doable…I just wish that when life seems less pinched that my inclination was to continue in prayer…

    I am so sorry that you are walking through so much that can create worry and stress. I will be praying for you and your sore spots.
    You know the saying throwing in the towel or throwing up your hands…I wonder if this is a call to us to surrender…to Him…when we are at the end of what we think we can control, it is then that the Lord enters in and fills the gaping hole of our efforts. The cluster of life challenges that you have right now are huge…I am praying that God will pick you up as only the God of all comforts can.

    Thanks for sharing this with me…I WILL pray…keep me posted.



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