road trip…

road trip…

We are heading out tomorrow on a 350 mile road trip to see my parents and grandparents.

It takes us about 6 hours to make the trek and EVERY TIME I overpack or should I say I overestimate just how much I can get accomplished on the road.  I tend to forget that I usually do some of the driving and it is quite unsafe to have one’s nose stuck in a book.

So I thought I would post something a bit more fun than the serious posts that have seemed to consume the blog lately.

I decided that all my road trip “stuff” needed to fit in this:

Don’t you love this wonderful tote that I nabbed awhile back from Joanne…I always get compliments…thanks Joanne for your boundless creativity.

Usually I bring a huge bag that has multiple compartments and I squeeze it in the front of my seat and I mean squeeze it in the space.

Here’s what lies within the confines of my wonderful tote:

My journal…it’s just a simple Moleskine XL blank journal…that I decorated as you can see.

The 7 Day Energy Surge

After this break, I think I need a bit of a kick start regarding my goals…I found this at the library and I like the focus…eating, working out, sleep, drinking, breathing and a few others.  At least it will make me feel like if I indulge on the road and get a root beer float at A&W…I know that I have a plan for the week to come.

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

I love the library so excuse the glare on some of the pictures…here’s a novel I want to read and the fun thing is that  one of the main character’s name is Helen…kind of fun at least to me.

the me I want to be by John Ortberg

I have read a few chapters of this book and many books that focus on identity are too much about self and not about God…this book is definitely about letting God in you just shine…plus John Ortberg is just so funny.  I have already shared quite a few illustrations with my family.

Prayer by O. Hallesby

I love this thin little classic…

My travel Bible…

Okay room is running out…

Jesus Calling
My devotional of choice these days…

Two thin magazines…

A little help to remember my day…my prayers…verses that speak…thank goodness it is really tiny.  Sorry…not a great picture…Moleskine makes a color your year set of mini monthly journal…this one is No. 3…for March…and in a lovely shocking pink.

That was it…until Courtney came home from a walk to the library with this…a hold I didn’t expect to be filled quite so swiftly…

A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart

Two friends, one in Portland, Oregon and one in Portland, Maine each took a picture of their mornings and posted them on a blog…this book is that year in pictures.

No room left except for pens…and more pens.

So now it’s your turn…what would you pack in your tote bag for a road trip? 

 Do you have a book you read over and over?  Is there a book that has been on your to read list for too long?

  Not only would you be helping me find what to read next but my dear lifelong friend Maria is taking off to Costa Rica with her family to see her parents next week,  ( I know…don’t we feel sorry for her) she could use some reading material…so help a girl out…please.  Especially if you have never left a comment…I know that you are out there…say hello, you just don’t know how that  blesses my heart.

Okay…now to make sure Glee 1 and Glee 2  are in the van and I would say we are in for a great road trip…can’t wait to read your book titles or even music…don’t be shy!

Happy Spring,


Addendum:  Received a friendly text that I was taking way too many books…perhaps yes…but I don’t anticipate finishing any of them…some by nature are devotional…just a little bit each day which continues at home anyway…and they comprise different genres…so I know I am probably a bit crazy but what can I say?

4 thoughts on “road trip…

  1. Just finished a novel (from the library, don’t you just love our new library!) called The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It is set in Jackson Mississippi in the early 1960’s. It is about african american maids and their white women employers. Loved the voice it’s written in and the strong women characters.
    My message bible of course, music, music, music. I love to read magazines on a road trip. I never buy them except when we are goin on a trip.
    Oh i guess i am goin on a train trip since bella just handed me a train ticket and said i was going to Molly holly holly. Better get those magazines!!!


  2. That is a beautiful tote, it must be strong and you must be strong to lift all those books! Stronger yet spiritually!
    I’ve had or taken time recently to read something outside of the Bible… no great pictures but I read Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers (based somewhat on the Book of Hosea), Molder of Dreams, by Guy Doud, (written by a man who struggled with acceptance as a child but was helped by some of his teachers/and his family, and becomes a teacher : ) and Walking Through the Shadows, by Ken Ham and Carl Wieland (a book about the importance of relying on our heavenly Father in sickness, pain and death of loved ones – it was given to Kelly after Keith died). I need to go to the library! I must admt I like to check out the books at Goodwill. They need chairs though! : ) Back to “work”!


  3. Looks like you have a great selection! Colored pencils are fun….if you have the room! 🙂 what about snacks???? For our trip last week, Soren pulled his carry-on through the airport, and he took my books: Read through the Bible in a Year Bible (I caught up on the plane ride home!), The Naked Now (about presence/Presence!) by Richard Rohr, my journal, pencils. We decided he was my “caddy”! I had only my purse and that was great. Oh, and he also had my back pillow–a must! (And part of the reason a 10 year old was the caddy–4 recent trips to the chiropractor!!!) Have a fun trip. Bring your bottled water too!


  4. Kim…The Help is on my list to read…have heard nothing but wonderful things about this book…glad you enjoyed it. I love the new library too…courtney and I took a walk there…a bit of a trek but worth it.

    Chris…last week I believe on the LPM blog…Beth Moore and Francine Rivers were doing a book signing and they asked readers to leave a comment about what their favorite FR’s book was…I didn’t read every comment but Redeeming Love was all over the place and also the Mark of the Lion series.

    Karen…cute Soren tale. Richard Rohr is quoted in the Ortberg book: “Faith does not need to push the river because faith is able to trust that there is a river. The river is flowing. We are in it.” I may have to check out the book you are reading. I am loving the Ortberg book…in fact, I am getting irritated that it is not mine because I want to mark it up…ha. I am glad we are kindred packers…good thing I was already on the road otherwise I would have added some of your suggestions…ha.


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