back to back…

back to back…

They met in Pre-Kindergarten.

I don’t know what drew them to one another but it was immediate and powerful.

I was caught unaware.

I had recently had minor surgery and when I was able to drive Caleb to school again…I met Rhys.

In fact most of  the other parents in the room knew that these two just clicked…they just got one another…they made each other laugh harder than anyone else.

There have been playdates and outings…swim lessons and wrestling…and lots and lots of laughter.

September was hard…Caleb and Rhys were not in the same classroom.

They looked on the bright side…there was recess and lunch time and the bonus…reading groups.

Rhys came over on Sunday to play…in fact, I mentioned  in this post  that Caleb wanted to stay in bed all day Saturday so that Sunday would get here sooner.

When Rhys’ mom came to pick him up she asked if I knew what Caleb and Rhys do at lunch…I didn’t.

Each class has to sit at their own tables during lunchtime.  Each day Rhys and Caleb both sit at the end of their respective tables…back to back.  This way they can lean back and talk to each other and be close to each other.  It is their way of sitting with each other.

How do they accomplish this each day I wondered.  The other kids  know about Caleb and Rhys’ friendship and they all just assemble themselves around it…they just accept it.

I was so touched by this small gesture of two 6- year olds.

I wondered what lengths do I go to protect a friendship?

Or for that matter how willing am I to make sure nothing gets in the way of my friendship with Christ?

Caleb and Rhys figured if they can’t be face to face then they will at least be back to back.

Will I risk everything to be close to Jesus?

Do I realize that it makes no sense why He loves me but yet He does…He gets me.

That desperation reminds me of the woman with chronic bleeding and how she knew if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment she would be healed.

It makes me feel grateful when my family makes way for me to spend time with friends or to spend a bit more time sitting at His feet behind closed doors…they just assemble themselves around it…accepting it.

I apologize if I have been redundant on this blog lately but it seems that God is impressing on me the need to be with Him and to be with others…oh how we need both…fight for it! 

Wherever you find yourself today…if you can’t get face to face…why not try back to back?

4 thoughts on “back to back…

  1. Hi H!
    Hey, I was just going to take a nap with Jesus myself. That is, I start reading the Bible, prone, and I often fall asleep–even for just a moment. I think he likes it….a truly “quiet” time….is that back to back or face to face? I just know it’s cozy. 🙂 thanks for your post dear!


  2. Karen and Chris…I just can’t seem to get the image out of my mind of just wanting to be close no matter the effort or how to arrange it…how I want to seek to be close not matter the struggle to get there…no matter the struggle.


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