wait = weight

wait = weight

I went to a different Weight Watchers meeting this morning.

I can’t believe that it has been almost six months since I joined…and as of a couple weeks ago, I lost 20 pounds.

Unfortunately that only lasted for a couple weeks because I have put a couple pounds back on…ugh!  It’s not a lot but it still feels like going backwards.

I have kind of lost focus…gotten a little bit bored…kind of been a brat…I don’t want to track my points…and then my meeting time changed just by 30 minutes but oh those were precious minutes that meant the difference between dropping Caleb off at school and being on time to now being really late. Throw in a couple things that made me just plain sad and I was reaching for the chips and salsa thinking they could meet my immediate needs more than God…sad but true story.

I took a deep breath and decided to make a change…in meeting and in attitude.

The meeting today was great…such a motivated leader and packed room of people.  There were several lifetime members scattered throughout the room including one sitting next to me that gave me some great advice…reaching lifetime status doesn’t mean you stop doing what has been working for you.

I walked to my car with a spring in my step that propelled me through my walk and in picking up my pen and tallying all those pesky points.

I realized that I all I can do is live each day as it comes…because that is the day that I get to see…I don’t get to peek at  tomorrow…tomorrow is not promised to me or anyone.

So often, I tell myself that I will eat better tomorrow or I will take that walk or lift those weights tomorrow.  Why do I think that tomorrow will suddenly be any easier than today?

I need to remember this newfound reality in this way:

Find the power in today instead of the wait (weight) of tomorrow.

As I said this little mantra to myself, I realized that this statement speaks to the spiritual as well as the physical.

If I neglect my relationship with the Lord and have the mindset of putting it off until tomorrow…I not only put God in “wait mode” but I also attach a weight to my life.  Do you ever feel like that…that when you miss your time with Him that there is more tying you down the next day? 

This year I have 12 colorful  mini journals for each month of the year…as a daily record of tidbits from my days. Life happens and  I will miss a day and try to go back in my mind…what happened?  What verse touched me today?  What cute thing did one of the kids say?  How did He touch my day and surprise me?  Going back one day can be hard but most of the time it is doable.  I missed several weeks during February due to sickness…I look at those empty pages knowing a lot happened beyond kleenex but I cannot reconstruct them. 

I don’t want to have empty pages in my food tracker or empty days in my life with the Lord.

Jesus said that He wants us to come to Him when we are tired and burdened…that is for now…today…not tomorrow when the burdens and fatigue will feel multiplied.

The Word declares that this is the day that the Lord has made and to rejoice in it…we rejoice today for the day that we reside in…not the tomorrow that we have yet to be privileged to glimpse.

Just as God provided manna in the wilderness that was enough for that day…no more…no less…we need Him daily…His Word…His Presence…HIM.

No more waiting around for another day…no extra weight on my frame or my heart.  I may not be a lifetime member of Weight Watchers yet but I surely am His for life…and beyond.

Embrace  today…don’t wait for tomorrow!

Maybe we all could use a change of meeting time!

3 thoughts on “wait = weight

  1. Love this post helen. So much encouragement in it. i love how it is your voice, like you were having a conversation with me. I love the mantra, busy, challengeing weeks ahead, I need to find the power in today!


  2. Hi Helen,
    Love this post! Love the weight/wait theme…so, i’m changing my “meeting”….I’ll let you know how it goes. Very encouraging! Go Helen! Go God!


  3. amen to your post…and I agree with all the comments! they said it much better than I would have 🙂


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