fellowship winner…

fellowship winner…

Hey there…Happy Sunday.

It is a bit later in the day than I thought I would be posting the winner of the Starbucks gift card designed to promote some fellowship.

Church has been consumed as has brunch…Caleb is building a fort in the backyard with his best buddy Rhys…

When Caleb learned that Rhys could come over today, he asked if he could stay in bed all day Saturday so that Sunday would come quicker.  How precious is that? 

If you read my post  yesterday…that is how I should feel about meeting with the Lord…that “It just can’t get here quick enough” kind of feeling.

Okay…let’s get down to business…

The Starbucks gift card goes to:

Commenter Number 3:


Congratulations Annette…please send me an email to wassuphelen at yahoo dot com.  I will send your prize out right away.

As always thanks for reading A Work of Heart, I am ever grateful.  I LOVE comments even just saying hello…so say hello if you never have before.

I realized that I missed a blog anniversary of sorts and will be doing another giveaway soon…so be on the lookout…and if I forget…feel free to remind me!

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may find yourself today!

2 thoughts on “fellowship winner…

  1. Oh that is TERRIFIC! I definitely will share it with a friend–hope one day, I can treat you to a Starbucks in person! Thanks for the giveaway and even moreso, for sharing your beautiful heart! Thank you!


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