a random thought and a giveaway…

a random thought and a giveaway…

I have been thinking about the post I wrote yesterday.

Last week, Caleb asked Carlen if she knew what day it was…when she said that it was Wednesday, he then asked her…do you know what we do on Wednesday? 

We get to go to the Wolperts for small group!

Our church has been discovering Life Together and has changed the fellowship group formats.  Instead of groups that last indefinitely, we are having groups that meet from 10-12 weeks over a particular topic or purpose.  During this time there will also be a chance to play and serve together. 

We are halfway through our marriage group and Carl and I are loving it.  The ripple blessing is that Caleb is loving it as well…I hadn’t anticipated that at all.  He is loving that there are two “big boys” there that wrestle with him, talk to him and just generally get being a boy…how great is that?!  Isn’t that what fellowship is about…hanging out with others that get what it is like being a believer…or a woman…or a married couple…or a parent…and on and on. 

This has been a great format for us and it is exciting that we will get to know a variety of people over the course of a year…it just makes church feel more and more like family.

Since fellowship has been on my mind…I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway.

Have you been thinking of someone you would like to get together with for coffee or tea or a goodie?

I am giving away a Starbucks gift card for one reader.  I hope that the winner will find a friend and share it.

To enter…just leave me a comment (even “hello there” will do)…it’s as simple as that and if you are feeling energetic…ask me a question.  If I get enough questions, I will post the answers along with the winning comment (picked randomly of course.)  The winner will be selected on Sunday afternoon…bring on those comments.


Okay now for the random thought…

Every once in a while, I look at the statistics page for A Work of Heart and it just makes me giggle.

You already know that A Work of Heart is a deep and highly spiritual blog…insert tongue in cheek now…

These are the most often search words that land searchers to A Work of Heart( click on each to see what the searchers found:

Soy Milk

Silk Soy Milk

No Boil Lasagna Noodles

Alarm Clock Ringing

Open Bible

Jeremiah 29: 11  The Message  (whew)

I hope the searchers weren’t too disappointed.


 Don’t forget to enter the giveaway and remember it’s easy to subscribe to A  Work of Heart…just enter your email address on the right side of the blog and it will come to your inbox.

Yippee Skippee…it’s Wednesday!





6 thoughts on “a random thought and a giveaway…

  1. I’ve never come to Work of Heart for soy milk…how funny is that? You and I have talked about the sweet delight of fellowship many times. I love visiting your blog, hearing your heart, and being encouraged. Blessings to your wonderful Wednesday.


  2. Hello my breakfasting friend! Soy milk? Crazy! Love the fellowship idea that your church has going…more conversation: TOMORROW! How’s that for fellowship!!! Yippee Skippy indeed! Love karen


  3. My most searched for term is “fireflies in a jar.” So much for spiritual journey highlight posts! Wondering what’s on people’s mind when they search. For a long time, it was “how to enter a clean room.” Now, there’s a post I had no authority to write!

    I love small groups in our church, too. It is such a big place, and you can literally go there for years and not meet people if you don’t get plugged in. We tend to gravitate toward the same people and get comfortable. I like your church’s idea of mixing it up a bit, and what a benefit that Caleb loves it too! Are you by any chance doing “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas? Mike and I are doing that one with neighbors, and really enjoying it. I’d love to hear what you’re doing if you get a chance.

    It’s always a joy to pop over here and see your writing. Love, Annette


  4. soooo read all the journal posts in one day!!! Funny the things God uses to bring us to Him, like soy milk!!! what we need to do is search for Helen Washingon so that gets higher hits on the internet!!!
    Hey so if water is pour out of a wall because you have a broken pipe, 25 interested preschoolers, 4 toddlers, can’t find the shut off valve for the main water what should you do?


  5. That’s a great idea, the Starbucks card. Just to send one to a friend so they can bless another : ) I like it and love you!

    Another broken pipe story…. : ( Gosh, reminds me to double check with Kelly on our shutoff.


  6. What a joy to have you find joy in your blogging. You have a wonderful gift of The Word. Love ya!!


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