Status Report…

Status Report…

Way before Facebook Status Reports…bloggers wrote them so here goes:

Sitting…at the dining room table with an empty coffee mug…sigh…

Drinking…time to move on to water…and the stillness of the house after the weekend…

Moving…in super slow motion…not sure why…just not a lot of umph!  I think I did too many chores on my day of rest…it makes today easier but I missed my Sabbath rest…

Realizing…I am procrastinating instead of cleaning bathrooms…oh the joy!

Contemplating…finishing a book as a reward for cleaning the bathrooms…sounds like a plan.

Feeling…peaceful and content.  I also feel loved…just opened the mail and received a card from one who sees me…that is a gift.

Wondering…how is it March 1st?  Will I finish my physical therapy continuing education hours before this month slips away?  Pray for me…

Wanting…the beautiful yard but none of the work I see ahead of me to achieve that reality.

Loving…church…small group opportunities…being in the Word…God showing me when I am not being present with Him and others (because I asked Him)…soaking and savoring times with the Lord…seeing the body of Christ walk in their gifts…so beautiful…

Learning…I cannot do everything nor can I control much of anything.  The Lord is showing me that I can loosen my grip and when I do…I catch glimpses of how God dispatches His people to do what I can’t do and am not called to do.  He is teaching me that a surrendered life begins with a surrender mind and open hands.

Thinking…about Lent…I want to turn my heart and mind towards the Cross…more intentionally.  I am going to use this to help. 

Listing…things that make me glad this morning:

  • My oldest daughter taking a card  from this  and exclaiming…this is so cool…daily Bread…thank You Lord for loosening my hands and letting You move.
  • Friends
  • Good books
  • walking on this path with Carl
  • never being out of bed before Caleb…otherwise I would miss the first cuddle of the day
  • having a blog
  • the first white camellias (that look like gardenias) peeking through my living room windows
  • remembering the unbridled laughter of my three kiddos on Saturday playing UP on Wii…
  • past and future coffee dates with friends…something about friends AND coffee
  • Deut. 29: 29 and Prov. 30:5


What’s your status today?  I would love to know.

2 thoughts on “Status Report…

  1. Enjoying the quiet without the Olympics on! I am Olympics fatigued and glad to have the peace back and child early to bed, reading before turning out the light! And…happy to have many fun things to look forward to this bday week! 🙂


  2. Ditto on the Olympics…so fun to watch…but way too late at night…back to reality! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you this week!


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