Today I read a verse that I don’t believe I have noticed very often.  I think that I have stumbled over the verses that sit above  it…I will let you look them up so that you can see if you have done the same.

“as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord. And you are her children, if you do good and  do not fear anything that is frightening.”

I Peter 3: 6 (ESV)

I thought about Sarah today.

I thought about her laughing when she overheard that she would soon be with child at her advanced age.

I thought about how when God spoke to Abraham all those promises that He would pour over his life…that those promises included Sarah.

I thought about how Sarah left all that was familiar to walk in step with those promises.

I thought about Abraham telling Sarah to pretend that she was his sister more than one time.

I thought about Sarah giving birth…for the first time…

I thought about Sarah holding her son with arthritic hands.

I thought of her trying to get up off the ground after playing with Isaac.

I thought of her waving goodbye to Abraham and Isaac as they journeyed the road the Lord had set before them.

I thought about how different her life looked from the vantage point of age.

I thought about how the path of obedience is long…at times narrow…often times scary.

I thought about how Sarah did not fear anything that was frightening.

Today I thought what a privilege to be called one of her children…

4 thoughts on “Sarah…

  1. Well Chris…you definitely do a great job of serving all of us Bible study sisters so I am sure that Kelly gets the benefit as well!

    April…you are right the narrow road is definitely worth no matter the times that my feet seem to get tripped up at times in trusting Him. Thanks so much for visiting…I hope that you will visit whenever you need a break from studying.

    Lori, I like how yous kept saying each day or daily…it is the dailyness of our walk with the Lord…He reminds us that His mercies are new each morning and He gave the children of Israel such a visual of the daily provision in the quail and manna…
    So fun to see your name!


  2. I love the words above. It is so true how narrow the road can be when we are obedient. At least it seems that way. For me, it shows me how The Lord tames me each day when I think I need more space and then ruin what He has for me….When there are clear directives from God we stay in a much better place. I praise Him for the grace and mercy He showers me with each day. I get so lost sometimes. I need to follow more closely. I want to follow more closely the steps He asks me to take..
    Thanks Helen
    Lori Yusckat


  3. Hmmm…yes often the road of obedience is hard, narrow, and scary but always worth it in the end. As we take small steps of obedience, responding to the gentle nudge and whisper of Holy Spirit, we are embraced by His presence and power every step of the way. Hmmm, makes me smile.
    Thanks for sharing such a vivid picture of what life was life for Sarah! : )


  4. Soaking it in… it is good. Keep your thoughts flowing. Side-bar: I was teasing Kelly last night a little bit along these lines but he knew I was serious about serving him. God has been patient, when we are not and showered grace when we did not deserve grace. Praise HIm, so grateful for His Word. Love you, Chris


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